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  1. Stop trying to confuse people with facts, no one has time for the Truth or to like...actually read the constitution or anything! lol
  2. But facts don't matter to them; you can't argue with these people they want to argue just to argue and if you found the cure for cancer and handed them a million dollars they would still hate and argue about it smh. Like that does anyone any good, but we can talk until we are blue in the face and they won't ever listen.
  3. Tyranny is always fair as long as it's on "their side".....that's half of the problem they feel that anything that they do is right and anything the other side does is wrong and no one cares much about the details. Apparently we have learned nothing from History or the first "civil" war. And all the while the media and their corporate allies keep taking more and more control while everyone just goosesteps right in line.
  4. Sadly that is what this country has turned in to; people are so fearful of the reality that not everyone in the world agrees with them or sees things their way that they have to silence all opinions at any cost.....and the really sad thing is that they don't seem to see that THAT is the real danger.
  5. While I agree with most of your points, I have to point out that neither Communism (nor Capitalism) is a form of government....they are economic systems, NOT political ones. Whatever form of government one chooses has nothing to do with the form of economics they choose, so you can have a Socialist Democracy, a Communist Republic, or a Capitalist Monarchy.
  6. Having been around the Family RP Community for a number of years, I've seen people like this as well, the basic issue is that a lot of people are so completely obsessed by sex, so much in fact that everything they do is somehow motivated by or tainted by sex, and they have gotten to the point where not only do they think that this is normal but they actually believe that everyone else is wired the same way. In their minds, avatars are built for sex and so if you are building a child av, then obviously (in their twisted view of the world) it must be illegal and abusive purposes. When you hav
  7. While I completely agree that the world in general, and SL in specific, desperately needs more Communism and Socialism....a lot has to change before that will be possible because people need to learn a new way of thinking. And, SL would still have to make money someway because LL is still stuck in a capitalist world, sadly. My problem; however, is the bit about "unrestricted desire"....at this stage in the game, humans need more restrictions not less, they're literally killing each other in the streets. No human endeavor could ever have "unrestricted desire" for it would ultimately erupt in
  8. To me this sounds like yet another move by LL to try and kill the last struggling remains of inworld commerce. WTH would you want to discourage people from using Lindens? No don't make it easier for them to bypass lindens and use real world currencies in the marketplace, instead they should be supporting the linden and encouraging people to use them MORE!!!! Seriously what are these people thinking?
  9. I would just add a couple of things....first of all, when it comes to the family rp, people need to understand that it's really not an rp like you find it other places, it's a community. It's not really a game, there are no stats to train, no demons to slay...you don't "win"...no instead it is a real community of people with all sorts of different interests and talents who come together to build a community where people walk their kids to school, decorate their homes, visit the local coffee shop, have the occassional trip to the hospital or local clinic, and yes, stand around on the corner and
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