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  1. هلا حبه اعرف شو يعني RLV و طريقة استخدامه وكيف اعرف ان شخص مستعمله
  2. do i can have payment wtih out without credit card like i can buy it wtih linden or there anter way i want uplod meshes =[
  3. hello i want ask abut WEB SEARCH how i can make my land on first page in the search :) and ty
  4. do 1 mb sped net is good to play sl ?
  5. سوالي هو هل استطيع الحصول على بيمنت من غير فيزا ؟
  6. Laura1 Lisa


    hello i feel so sad to day for Military in sl is gooding down or i can say is dieing and some off this Military are dead i am talking abut DAMAGE Military i was in it from 2008 i feel sad people are Leaving it and Leaving sl i miss all old days in sl was so cool i wish if sl Care abut us i feel so so deep sad me and all my team and more games like that maybe all i am asking is from LL is Care abut damage Military and ty
  7. عندي مشكله صارت اليوم عندي لاند شريته و في عندي اغراض نوكوبي نزلتها و اكتشفت ان الاند كرش وكل الاغرض الي مو كوبي اختفت فتشت كل الانفنتري حتى لوست اند فوند ولا شي كله راح يا حسرتي على اغرضي وش اسوي عشان ارجعهم
  8. I lost my stuff it so so Expensive was rezzing it on my house and some one crsh the land and they back it wen it back all my stuff that was in my house are gone and i am so sad cant found it in my inventory is there way to back my stuff it no copy oh god that not fair :(
  9. طيب بشوف بسالك انا اعمل افتار جديد؟ ولا هم يعطوني ولا شو القصه انا ملخبطه
  10. اريده افتار عادي اتحكم به
  11. بس لغه انجليزيه ابي اتعلم برتغالي
  12. ابي اعرف كيف اقدر احصل على افتار BOT وش طريقه
  13. انا اخو حصل على صندوق ضغط عليه الصندوق سرق منه 50000الف وسوينا ريبورت طردو صحب الصندوق و رحت فلوسه وطي
  14. i have old Account i have but i lose the email and pass off it do i can have my old name back and how ? the mail was hacked and i lose it and i lose pass account is there way to back my old av
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