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  1. Yay! Send me a friend request if you want and we will set it up! We are moving this weekend so it might not be until next week though.
  2. I apologize that my post was so vague! I suppose it's difficult to fully explain my thoughts and emotions when typing on my phone and rambling on and on... You did get my meaning though. I believe you are right about the move stirring up my need for companionship... Being a therapist I should have recognized that! Thank you! So here is another question... What do you ladies do to keep from feeling isolated while in world? Where do you go?
  3. Oh my word Jewels, you totally just described my days in SL perfectly! We need to get a group together for people who end up sitting on the beach alone and waiting for others so we could at least be at the same beach! I'm so down for a shopping and decorating buddy... If anyone wants to get together for some retail therapy send me a message!
  4. Just another post from a girl looking for friends! I like to think I am pretty down to earth and drama free... Right now i am anxiously preparing for my next return to secondlife as soon as I can actually get into my new house and get the Internet turned on! I can't wait to see what everything looks like and how crazy my inventory is when I get there! Talk to you soon!
  5. I was going to say good luck in your search and then noticed that this post has been up for quite some time! Did you ever find your perfect room mate?
  6. Here I sit in someone else's home since I recently moved to a new state which of course means no Internet access... Oh the joy of a simple life! Or the agony of a life without the levels of social contact I am used to :/. I have been in secondlife for years and never have I used the forums or reached out in the way that my soul craves... I miss the old days of spending time with my best friend, shopping, putting together outfits and finding new amazing events to attend... I am bored! I need companionship, I need a kindred spirit, I need something more than meandering from sim to sim in the hopes that some amazing man or woman will see me and think "that is a girl that I need to talk to!" Regardless though, there is something that drags me back time and time again just when I think I have shaken the addiction... Liz
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