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  1. Boats, planes, cars, etc. turn translucent red when in motion. Is there a remedy?
  2. Thanks!That worked, and I can finally faintly glimpse the logic.I had puzzled over llSubStringIndex in the LSL wiki without being able to figure out how to apply it.And yes, now on to figure out llToLower or whatever that good stuff is that will let me say "Hello "default{ state_entry() { llListen(0,"","",""); } listen(integer channel,string name, key id, string msg) { if (llSubStringIndex(msg,"hello") != -1) { llSay(0, "hello"); } }}
  3. OK, this script works fine when someone says "hello." It says hello right back. But what if someone says "hello there" or "I just wanted to say hello" or something like that. How do I change the script so it responds to "hello" embedded in a phrase? default { state_entry() { llListen(0,"","",""); } listen(integer channel,string name, key id, string msg) { if (msg == "hello") { llSay(0, "hello"); } } }
  4. You may find this discussion about the marketplace relevant to your experience.
  5. schoolboypaul wrote: My avatar is an 11-year old boy, and I'm trying to find him genitals appropriate to his age. Does anyone have any suggestions. This is a truly awkward thing to post here! As I hope is kinda obvious, my avatar is pre-sexual. Just keep your shorts on and wear boxing gloves to bed.
  6. I'd like prospective buyers to be able to rez one of my houses for a couple of minutes to inspect it. Then the demo house should delete itself. One caveat I foresee is the possibility that someone could pull the script out of the house while it was rezzed. Would making the demo house no mod prevent this?
  7. At first glance it looks like you're wearing braces.
  8. It's called paedophobia. Well organized paedophobe rings operate in Second Life, grooming adults and exchanging pornography, some of it depicting obviously coerced girls as old as - oh, say about twenty-five. Recently I visited a sim (in the guise of a just-turned-eighteen avatar) where grey-haired men with pot bellies were openly having sex with adult women. Whether or not there are real pensioners behind those geriatric avatars, we don't know. There's no doubt that all adult avatars are viewed with suspicion by many of us, however. The kind of sexual age play that these people engage in is often so deviant that any self-respecting child avatar would be embarrassed to witness it. And obviously the paedophobes themselves want their activities shielded from the scrutiny of innocent observers. When someone acts nervous around child avatars, it's often a sign that they have something to hide. I don't think these people should be persecuted for their sick fantasies, though. Just as long as no REAL adults are harmed.
  9. I'm not into conventional roleplay, with its "/me composes a descriptive paragraph" style, but I do occasionally use the third person. When I do, it might go something like: "the girl's lips part as the man's mouth meets her own ..." Seldom do I say "X's lips part ..." Just my personal quirk; I couldn't tell you why I have that preference. Mostly I'm just into 1st person dialogue, though.
  10. Thanks for that advice, Pamela. I agree with you, and already see happy results. People's interest does get piqued, and many will make up their own minds in your favor.
  11. I have a small product on the MP that has been selling like hotcakes. Yesterday I noticed there were no sales. Sure enough, when I checked, I found a bad review: " The picture dont fit with real item ..." Naturally I took umbrage at this and sent an IM (which I also posted as a comment to the review) to the reviewer: "Hello [Name redacted]. I'm sorry that you found my product disappointing. Although I did my best with it, and like to think that most people find it satisfactory, I understand that it is not perfect. The product is, however, exactly as pictured. Your review gives the impression that it is not. I hope you will reconsider what you posted and revise your review. Disparage it if you like, but please don't suggest that i am misrepresenting my product. Thanks." She has yet to reply. I decided to flag the review. Doing this, I was presented with a drop down menu offering me a few choices; no space for comment. Reluctantly, I chose "Inappropriate content" and "Hate speech, flaming" as the closest options. I then resigned myself to no further sales of that product. When I logged back in later, I was surprised to find that there had been one sale. Looking up the buyer, I found a thoughtful, articulate, and detailed profile. Obviously an intelligent reader. I'm pleased to think that my product (cheap and sleazy as it is), now doomed to be dismissed as fraudulent by the casual shopper, will at least find the occasional discerning buyer.
  12. Marigold Devin wrote: If you hate tattoos, then you hate tattoos. For whatever reasons, they're your reasons. And I strongly suspect there was more to dislike about the guy you went to the beach with than just his tattoos. *** So I'd say continue to follow your inner voice. There's plenty of fellas out there with skin untainted by art/graffiti. Edited to add: I actually think its refreshing that a 22 year old isn't into tattoos, because in my home town the younger generation really seem to favour them, with a sheep-like mentality. Good on the OP for being an individual with their own very strong mind. Yes indeed. Hooray for the OP for being able to resist a fad. Of course when tattoos cease (inevitably) to be a fad, most 22 year-olds will shun them. Tattoo removal is going to be a very profitable business within a generation.
  13. Thanks Trinity. Sure enough, the listing failure was my fault: I had neglected to fill in one of the required fields (extended product description). All is well now! I will add slurls henceforth, too, although it looks to me like they only work with the SL viewer, not Firestorm. Or maybe that's yet another thing I have to learn how to do correctly. ETA: Yes, it's free!
  14. Every time I try to create a new listing, after I've jumped through all the hoops and been told, "Successfully Updated!" I find that the product is not listed. It's the only one without the green check mark indicating it's active. I go back and edit the listing, making sure it's active and checking everything else. After being told again I've been successful, I find it's still not listed. Should I submit a support ticket?
  15. Thanks Trinity. I've just visited your store inworld (in fact I'm ensconced in one of your delightful rocking chairs there as I type this) and it's a pleasure! So much more fun than turning pages of marketplace ads! Of course the marketplace can be entertaining in its way too (some of the scams are hilarious), and useful. I'll keep my eye out for cheap little stores for rent (yes, I only need a few prims). Meanwhile I remain one of those untrustworthy dilettantes with a dodgy little "store" on the MP. And now I'll get up from this comfortable chair and TP to some of your other Picks. Salut
  16. "you can even find some place where you can have free shops, like barbarru for example..." I'm unable to find any place named "barbarru." Could you clarify? I'm an amateur and desultory creator, not really interested in serious commerce. Just for the heck of it, though, I put an item that I was kinda naively proud of up for sale on the marketplace. It sold twice, much to my surprise and delight, but since has languished unsold. Now I find myself looking for a cheap little inworld store to reinforce my hobby (I have maybe 4 or 5 small items I consider worth selling). Referring to the OP's topic, I find myself more or less in the anti-MP camp. I am not a consumer and don't shop recreationally, but I prefer to be inworld rather than browsing another web page. I do have a shop on a smaller grid, I will add. There I have resisted listing on their version of the market place, where I am struck by the impression of greed seeking gullibility. Or maybe it's not greed and gullibility, but a premium paid for convenience. A lot of overpriced crap, anyway, IMO.
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