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  1. Starfire 3D Studios has decided to take another path in Second Life so it is selling its land holding for below the Base Price, this land will be abandoned on 6 Dec 2012 PST and will cost more to buy from Linden Governer. Moderate Zoned Near Beach Sucluded Areas Below Base Price These are connected parcels 3184sqm 728prim L$3000 (L$0.9/sqm) 1152sqm 263prim L$1000 (L$0.9/sqm) 1152sqm 263prim L$1000 (L$0.9/sqm) 1232sqm 281prim L$1000 (L$0.9/sqm) Secluded Protected Beach Front 1936sqm 443prim L$10000 (L$5.2/sqm) (will not be abandoned) The land has been set to 'for sale' http://m
  2. Grazdude Ragu wrote: Hello, Could anyone confirm if the .anim format that SL uses internally is specific to SL only? Or can I use any .anim file, as long as correct number of bones (up to 26?) and correct bone names are used? Reason I ask is because Hord3D SDK has a ColladaConv tool which supposedly extracts .anims from DAE files. Thanks I would forget about .ANIM I would use BVH (which is more suported by SL) http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/anim ANIM File Extension File Type Maya Animation File Developer Autodesk Popularity 3 stars Category 3D Image Files
  3. The only way to export modern BVH with Max is its included in 3DS 2013 (at a US$15,000+ price tag) I have 3DS Max 2011 ftom a student discount, and does not support BVH. but I am about to dump it and learn Blender. Seens Blender 2.63's native save and load is .DAE and you can easily import/export any ani to BVH with the suppied plugin. Sorry insanely expensive 3DS you have been busted..(And for free no less!)
  4. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: ok, lol, so i understood well hehhehehe. ive found the way recently in a forum thread but i cant find it again grrrr anyway, here's what i did, : go in your settings and in the signature field add this : <a href="add here your url/">add here the display name of the link</a> normally it should work fine. just add the url and the display name in the right places. :smileywink: Thats kinda weird, I tried using straight HTML in sig before and it didn'r seem to work. Guess you needed to put the '/' at the end of the URL or maybe I didnt close the <
  5. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: AthenaStarfire wrote: Would be nice if I could figure out how to put an actual link in my sig (dosen't seem to like HTML) y ou'll prob think im a bit naive, but this is bec english is not my native language, but are you talking about your forumsignature or something else ? Link in forum signature like you have.
  6. Thanks for the great input. I will be taking your advice Trinity. I am not worried about them taking more Lin for non-existent ads. My "Staff Shop Keeper" is a very good friend of mine (life partner actually), the account she runs basically never has any L$ in it. It was set up in case one of the 'affiliates' (or new affiliates) we run that we granted full permission to the accounts money balance decided to pull a dirty and empty the account. Would be nice if I could figure out how to put an actual link in my sig (dosen't seem to like HTML) Cheers
  7. Yes, I was aware of this ripoff (and the very misleading speel about it by LL). Unfortunatly, I didn't contact my Shop Keeper staff in time. Both Ads have now been stated as termiated after 7 days, I'm just glad she didn't do it for a month. The 3 or 4 people have been checking off and on for the last 2 days.not a few hours Classifieds seem even worse, if you want to be shown there it will cost you 200K+ Cheers
  8. Don't worry about it Jen, Cost of doing business I guess. We will find another way to advertise. Live and Learn,
  9. Group is not an option, I don't want to cut out a parecel just for a group. I have other uses for my area. I have no problem with storing names since they are not in the script, they are in my MySQL Database on my web server. Very easy to check and pretty quick with llHttp_Request. Access to an outside database was one of the Good things LL finally did,
  10. Yes, I rechecked the llRequestAgentData and I was mistaken that it was the MMDDYY that they entered into thier account. Just another problem. Guess there is now also no way to tell if 10 year old Johnny can be detected trying to get into an Adult Private Area, Guess I have to go with "Deny Teleport if not on this list" approach and have the area sealed (like 500m above the ground with 10m thick walls so you can't sideslip in. Maybe an active looping scrip sensor checking each ukey in the place is on the access list. LL sure doesn't make it easy, Thanks for the Input Cheers
  11. I have read a bit that there is no way to dectect the gender of an avatar by a ;touch' on an object, Is this still true? I have plans to open a private female avatar only area and this would be useful. But it seems I may have to go to just kicking out or dening acess to any avatar that is not on an 'approved' list. (that is easy enough) I was just hoping for a way I didn't have to ask people to wait till I check them out before adding them. At least,,you can check a person age (as entered in thier account) by script. Why not gender? Cheers
  12. First off, your 3D modeling program has to be able to save or export Autodesk Collada Format (.DAE). Its native in Autodesk 3D Studio (what I use) others here will have to tell you if other programs can do it. There is a FREE (Open Source) 3D Design program called 'Blender' that is supposed to work. If you have never done 3D modeling (dealing with panes, vertex, and 3 views) before your in for a steep learning curve, Bringing in your creations is pretty easy (after you take the LL Model Upload Test) as you just upload the .DAE (it can cost quite a bit of L$ for good size complex objects) I w
  13. Some have larger forum avatar then the little dinky one...Are there requirements? ie: Account Age etc. Example (just an example no reason for the person selected) instead of Cheers
  14. Using the Viewer you download from here when signed up I solved my 'white smoke puff' by switching my shape to the 'default' shape (the avatar they gave me at the start) then switched it back to my custom shape, Seemed to work. Some clothing, shapes and skins (especially free ones) can cause the smoke-look but usually switching out then back in can fix it. Cheers
  15. Thanks, although I am well aware of permissions ;D I also just scripted my first 4x4 single item wall mount (picture) freebie vender (just click on it dosen't even ask you to pay) I'm just starting to build my mega-mall (mesh and ingame) 'huge empty space', I guess 12 floors at over 8000 sqm each is kinda huge, but only the 1st floor will be freebie amd low cost stuff, the others will have my own product and every 40-50% vandor I can find. So yes I am looking to fill space http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hallasan/174/239/41/ Cheers
  16. Sorry, not into violating someone's IP (intellectual property) 'privately' .. Good Luck to you though.. Cheers
  17. Is there anyway to tell if a person entering your area already has a certain notecard? Basically, so they don't get spammed with another one when they re-enter the area. Cheers
  18. Orc like in World of Warcraft? Lord of the Rings? Dungeons and Dragons? (all of which are copyrighted)
  19. I see a massive amount of single item vendors (just picture click to buy) Freebie Galaxy has 15 floors of them, Freebie Island has 'rented' single item vendors. If someone wants to put one in my mega-mall, what is standard practice? Rent? for the space the singe item vender goes? if so how much? Sales Split? how much?. I have a MASSIVE space to fill and looking for some low cost single item vendors selling stuff L$1 to L$20. I would also like to know where I can get a bunch of transfer-enabled freebie items L$0 that I can put up as freebie items but they are mostly no-transfer. I went to a p
  20. Well, that was the point. I only want an OWNER script, make it owner only, there is no reason to see someone elses balance.
  21. If I subdivide my land and the 'abandon' the smaller parcels, will it take down the amount of land I own? I would like to buy an adjacent property but it would put me over the $40 a month land tier. So I would like to chop off some of my existing land enough so I could buy the adjacent parcel and not go over my current land tier Is this doable?
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