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  1. I finally got my home! and a traditional one! I randomly logged in and checked. I haven't been monitoring things this last week. and low and behold, there was one available and I actually got it when I clicked "accept"!!! - dances a happy dance....
  2. several rolled by and I didn't get one. sigh... lol
  3. Of course I had to bail on this for awhile and then the wave hit! sigh... lol oh well, not sure why my IRL clients don't understand how significantly important my trying to get a house in SL is .... mwha ha ha ha ha . For those who got one in this wave, congratulations! For the rest of us who are waiting, Good Luck!!!
  4. I haven't had anything pop up in the last 90 minutes. sigh....
  5. I understand. In order to help me "cope" I have been wandering the new areas that have already been released gazing lovingly at them. I guess I just need to be as patient as I can be, even though it's hard, and in the meantime I am doing finger exercises so I can quickly hit the right buttons when a house rolls up as available. (does some finger stretches) Good Luck!!!
  6. @Gordon NadezdaPatch Linden said they hope to release new homes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Other homes are coming up randomly outside of those days because people are abandoning them. They don't guarantee releases on MWF, but that is their goal. There were several groups of releases on Monday. I'm waiting patiently (well, not overly patiently - lol) today.
  7. omg... I almost had one...again... I got so excited I forgot what to do and probably took too long. lol
  8. Our 5 year anniversary was yesterday, 10/31. We met by accident. I was just hanging out on a deserted beach sim (10 days old and knew nothing) trying to figure out how to organize my inventory. He landed on the sim by accident, saw that there was only 1 other person there, and randomly said hello. Now we spend more time together outside of SL than inside. We weren't looking for someone in SL, but found each other and I know I'm blessed that we've shared these last 5 years.
  9. My region too, and at the private estate I help manage. I'm dancing on my sim as the prims rain down upon me! oooooo.... more lights for Christmas! oh, and more bunnies, and deer... oh, look...my Santa! ...... (wanders out of the chat mumbling "It's going to look like Rudolph threw up Christmas all over my region! Joy!")
  10. That picture is of a dress texture being sold on Marketplace by Nihal Lane. While I don't know where the hair is from he or she would most likely have the hair used to style the avatar. You may want to contact that person directly and ask. Good luck finding it! Wish I could offer more help. The marketplace link for the dress texture is: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NocciolaHimeGyaru-texture-mod-plastiline-Lilu-Kemono-Dress/6960981
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