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  1. Heyy, I like it but im so confused about alot of things, I have met another person to help me out but I dont mind having another helper I can't get on second life as much as I can during the week because my college had terrible service but durning the weekend im on a different times. Add me if you like
  2. Heyy, I'm doing very well thank you for asking
  3. So I'm feel like drawing but I don't know what do draw >~< I'm trying to draw more than just anime character so any one have any idea's? I hope if I get good enough I might be able to sell some art work . So Please if you could help me think of something ill or you like me to try to draw an idea you have please let me know :) Ill be able to try. Thanks for taking time to read my post. <3 Abbey
  4. I'm new and some of the wording in some post when I looking for a job confused me. So I want to know are you apply for a real job or a job for the web site. I know this might be a stupid question. But I just had to ask it. Hope to get my answer soon.
  5. Hello, My name is AbbeyRosella, but you can call me Abs or Abbey I'm very new to Second life and I like to make friends, friends who may be able to help me out :) I love making new friends, I'm very talkive and I hope to hear from some one :)
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