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  1. Open now, with the Grand Opening party on February 1st. Spellhunter Sound is a Mer Playground for adult merfolk only because we actually have mer kisses, cuddles and sex animations! Lots to see and do, including a rideable humpback whale, a ghost pirate ship, Neptune's cave, mer couples and merfolk singles dances and much, much more! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boulevard/117/231/1
  2. When I try to list my new mesh cardigan sweater on Marketplace, it isn't allowing me to choose 100% mesh or even partial mesh. It only allows me to leave it as "no mesh." How do I get it to let me choose that it's mesh?
  3. :matte-motes-kiss: CLUB SE>EN is hiring dancers and hosts/hostesses for permanent and fill-in positions! Our set event times are 7 days a week from 10am - 12noon SLT and 2pm - 4pm SLT. If that fits your schedule, then come join us! Just IM Kyrano Spellhunter for an employment application! Club Se>en Website
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