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  1. When I log into secondlife, all I see is a message telling me "Too many messages, IMs capped" yet there are no messages, IMs, anything at all. Is this some sort of glitch or setting I need to fix? Thank in advance.
  2. An update to my earlier story - the very next day at 5:08pm my account was unblocked when Linden lab recieved the proper identification and forms to be filled out. So I am very glad to say that at least on this matter they have proven to be quite quick in doing so. I understand the need to block the account as they had sent me emails that I didn't see as I dont check that email often. (Like many people). Just wish there was a way for Linden labs to put a notice on our dashboard etc to let us know please check out email! Thanks again to you for replying to my question, everything seems to be square and clear now ^^
  3. I have a group yes, mailing list I do not, but I also have a website I try to maintain as well. I will definately look into making demo's as soon as i can afford all the upload costs however, as far as making things go...well I try to make between 2-5 products a week, although sometimes more. Though I did get rid of some of my earlier stuff as I read in another page (I've been reading alot lol) that keeping an up-to date store with only quality-not outdated items was good too. ....Just don't understand the search function at all, I try to keep my serch terms as simple and to the point as possible, but it seems the older your store is, the more you pop up in search. Which leads me to think the search engine results are based on sales senority, and not on "relevence" to the key terms. If this is the case, why bother having a "best selling" option in search at all? Probably a question for another thread...lol
  4. I read in another topic that linking to your marketplace store in the message boards is against the rules? My profile is inworld with a ling to my Marketplace, or searchable by name. Sorry, I just don't want to get into trouble!
  5. Hi there ! ok so I really like to make things on SL and I use the money for upload things and to host events on my sim, etc. But I was wanting to expand even more, the issue is I'm completely clueless as to how to improve my sales in marketplace/in world. I think I've done a pretty good job of maintaining a somewhat proffessional looking store both inworld and marketplace, have a website and store connected to my profile. Is there something I'm missing? Also, do providing demo's help sales at all? and which types of products do people usually like to see demos of? Are there things Merchants like me commonly over looked? Thanks in advance! :) - clueless
  6. Try apollyon realm, a new freeform roleplay sim with a fantasy/medieval setting. There are no meters and dice are offered, but only if you really want them. Dragons, fairies, mermaids, unseelie, seelie, humans, wizards, witches, vampires, halflings, garou..and many more accepted . Membership is open and all you need to do is submit a small character card, (this is to make sure we dont have any overpowered/godmoding characters) - Aproval is usually same day/ withing minutes if someone is online. but you can start roleplaying immediately before that as long as you dont engage in any battle. You can IM me inworld if you have any questions. -Zyndyrr
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