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  1. Lol that's because SL is very much considered a 3D porn site as well as a chat site as well as a game. I've been there for a bit now...and about 87% of Sl users are overly sexual.....as for IMVU they are not...some are but most aren't. And you have to purchase and verify your age to even see Avatars naked. SL minors come on all the time and adults act with them like they would to some one of age. Kind of gross if you ask me. So IMVU is more of a younger crowd but they also have a ton of adults on there and IMVU does extremely well to keep the two from encountering one another in such ways. Minors can't even buy sexual clothing since they aren't allowed to without a access pass that now has to be bought with a CC and another form as age proof...they prefer ID cards and I'm sure some of those could be stolen from parents, but in SL they come in and they don't need anything. SL creators strive to make more realistic objects as for IMVU they are very limited to what IMVU allows them to put in the catalog. Both sites offer the basics, log in create a look chat with people from all over in the form of some thing that is not you, take on a new life, take on a story line, role play, anything. SL is for adults so everything on there will be more sexualized and targeted towards sex. IMVU will always be a site where people can go and not have people trying to hump them in every message they recieve....So to split the two.... IMVU is rated family....with a night time channel...lawl....Second Life is rated XXX with a life time channel of rated XXX....
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