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  1. i dont understand why it cant be coded.... and why we need display names. it would be cool if you can just change your name period. In IMVU they make you buy a namechange token for that. LL could make money off people choosing a diffrent first and/or last name. I would love to be able to change it and when I partner someone in here assume his last name for example. The display name doesnt cut it because the moment I walk into a club, the host shouts at me the real name not the display name.
  2. I hear what you are saying... but in my case I was the one that was open for it but they made clear to me they did not want a GF so I stuck with the friends thing because i liked them as a person and not just as potential dating material. Guess I was just a toy to them they didnt wanna play with anymore till someone else did want it and they got pissed/jealous at that. (ps I see your tagline... TARDIS :matte-motes-inlove:)
  3. Well here we are a couple of weeks later and what I did is I got a hobby and started some photography on a small base plus I got more active in the SL feed so now I am making new friends in diffrent places that don't bite my head off for having a partner. I guess the places I hung before (clubs, some adult some PG) are naturally more of a breeding ground for people with hidden agendas and want more than just friendship. Two friends from the past admitted they indeed were jealous.. since they did want an exclusive partnership themselves but it was a bit like now someone else did step up and sweep me off my feet they were like dang that could have been me. Well I said I was dissapointed in their initial reaction but ocasionally I hang out with them because I do like the fact they were candid about it in a later stage.
  4. I recently picked up on SL photography and wander around searching for SIMs that are cool to take pictures in. Other than that I sometimes hang with the friends I have... and its not really one steady place I go to but where the wind takes me. I know it is not very helpful but I found out I need to be creative and focus less on whether or not someone speaks to me. Now I am partnered that happens rarely so I rely more on myself to have a good time inworld, although I still struggle to meet same sex friends I have a click with....
  5. Childish ~chuckles at the childish attempt to push my buttons~ Ahem what makes you say I haven't already tried what you suggest? I took a close look at the men I came across and the ones I am still friends with and found so many other types of men... some overlap what you say, others do not at all. Proof enough for me that what you say is not the entire truth. I have friends that are neither macho nor needy. So many colors in the rainbow. Your goal in seems to be right. Mine is to be happy. Take care
  6. Hehe then its good I said "I think" instead of presenting it as a truth in itself. I should not have made assumptions like that. Replace my guess of what others think of this by Natasha thinks, and we are all good I read the rest of the discussion too no worries but I stay away from the whole gor thing. Not my cup of lemon juice. Too bad you still speak THE truth here. (whether its fiction or not....) as if there is but one truth. Facts are not the same as opinions. I rest my case. If you think the absolute truth does exist I shall respect your opinion and leave it at that
  7. Listen I accept your opinion although I do not nescessarily agree. What aggrivates most people here I guess is that you present it as an absolute truth, while in fact it is YOUR version and YOUR interpretation. (there you go , I say 'I guess' to indicate I THINK they do but I cannot actually speak for them). There is a BIG diffrence in "This book sucks because it is too short and too boring" and "in my opinion this book sucks because it is too short and too boring". People dont always have to agree on things to get along, just don't apply your own logic and view on the world and make it an absolute truth.
  8. Vegro Solari wrote: If I were a member of the Neaderthal race true and proper, I imagine it would be a matter of great pride for me. As always, the PC-defense brigade are hypocrites through and through, being absolutely intolerant of any alternative view, despite their formally declared open-mindedness, and freely using race-discriminatory ad-hominem language to smear their imaginary opponent. Calling someone a Neaderthal in a derogatory fashion is, at bottom, exactly identical to insulting a Negro as a Negro. Think about it. The slightly more than completely hypocritical shortfall here is very amusing! Funny, You say other people are not open to viewing things diffrent? In the mean time I havent seen you bend away from your beliefs just the slightest bit. When I read this topic its like having a 'dialog' with a Jehova's withness. I found that the smarter someone portrays himself to be, the less tolerant to other peoples opinions. THE absolute truth does NOT exist!!! And this is how I see it (stole the example from a philosopher , forgot the name) If you have two people and they both take a bath... one in hot water, the other one in cold water..... And you then let them share a bath with a temperature that is average... the one from the hot tub will say BRRRRR cold. The one from the cold tub will say AHHHH nice WARM They both say the opposite. They are both right from their perspective. DANG I swear if people realized this, it would end all war! PEACE!!!
  9. Someone asked me why I care about this. Well I asked in my opening post if this is a phenomenon people recognise. I was flabbegasted by it because I had an active social life on SL and saw it vaporize into thin air just like that. It made me scratch behind my ear and wonder if this is a common thing. I am also having trouble it seems finding same sex friends here. Sometimes when I go places it seems all people care about is dating and I surely hope that thats not the only purpose of SL hehe. Funny thing is I had this convo with my former male friends a lot. We wondered why everybody was so focussed on that and they said basically they liked me for the fact I was actually talking and conversing instead of trying to hit on them. LOL. And then I made the stupid mistake considering them 'friends'and thinking because of that they liked hanging around with me.
  10. Hahahah in that case Their loss. case closed. Since I am too stubborn to go IM people asking explanations after they delete me just like that. If someone deletes me that fast... they are the weakest link GOODBYE
  11. NEVER too early for cocktails. If you mean the drink. I dont wanna think about male genital shaped tails atm. :catmad: ALWAYS too early for that ~grins~ PS I got better things to do just dont feel like em
  12. Wich brings me to the question: Do men even have other male friends? (and a 'treehouse club' so to speak) Somehow I wonder if a man in a group gets treated the same when he partners. Miss my geek talk with my buddies, and most girls (not all) talk about stuff I ehhh ...
  13. OceanBird wrote: you dont understand man code if a women becomes partnered... ie...virtually married it aint cool to hang out with her anymore - its respect men give each other of couse scumbag men dont care - but those types of men are not the majority Weeeelll thats nice of them. First of all I didnt marry, second of all I expect my 'friends' to hear me out first. I partnered but other than that we can still hang as friends. My SL partner has a busy RL so I am more without him than with him haha. Would get terribly boring if I cant dance, hang out and have fun with other friends. We are not glued to eachother. Too bad most guys think a partnered woman turns into instant goo.
  14. Well I always been clear bout my intentions. When I really liked someone I expressed that. But the men made very clear they were not looking for a GF (I guess they tried to keep their options open?) and I asked ok friends then? And that was fine. So my guess is that as soon as I partnered they thought OK she is no longer a possibility lets move on to the next. And no I dont intend to ask them about it. Figured they blew it the moment they deleted me without even hearing me out.
  15. Question, since I lack class, I have blonde roots irl an I am not a native speaker: MEN and Them is plural right? Just checking if my sense of english grammar is letting me down here since your post appears to be merely a manual to you. So either I can't read english or you have multiple personalities. Or...maybe the arrogance to think what goes for you goes for the whole world.
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