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  1. When making clothes, how can one make it so that it appears seamless? When one colors to the edge of the template, seems appear where the clothes connect.
  2. How can I write a script or acquire a script so users can upload multiple photos to a picture frame and the frame automatically rotates between the pipctures?
  3. My friend has an Asus 15" laptop with the AMD A10-4600m APU. The fusion APU has a built in Radeon HD 7660g GPU and 6 GB of RAM. Using the Firestorm Viewer, he is able to get 36 fps+ on most areas of SL while using "high" graphics detail.Graphics look awesome in world. Since AMD seems to have good graphics performance for laptops and I need a laptop as I go online from different locations, I am considering a laptop with an AMD A10-4600m APU which has the AMD Crossfire, dual graphics. The Radeon HD 7660g + Radeon HD 7670m with 2 GB of dedicated video memory. Is this a good combination for SL? Does Second Life take advantage of the OpenGL Crossfire features of the AMD Catalyst drivers?
  4. What is a safe secure website to buy Lindens? Can I use a Mastercard to purchase Lindens? Where can I see the Peso to Linden exchange rate?
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