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  1. I will not reply to obvious nonsense such as that i support RL slavery, or am against equal rights on earth... just show me where i said that. To slavery & war, death & torture, hardheartedness and evil: If you don´t like the darker sides of history, you can of course edit them out of your mind, doesn´t change a thing though and will not necessarily make others censor their minds. If you are not capable to accept a story´s setting without getting all confused that it may threaten your real life society´s values, fine, enough people about who cannot, nothing special, even politics live
  2. The gorean novels by Norman are among the more interesting reads within science fantasy, and at least their descriptive force is great. That women like the background more might be a first hint that most blabberers here who call it misogynistic are simply clueless. It´s generally about a society where SLAVERY is a fact of life but embedded and openly, like ancient societies were, and not slavery by women alone either, and hell, not slavery of ALL women either. Part of Gor is the Free woman, and she is honoured and valued. Part of Gor is the male slave, and slavery is harder for him too. The wh
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