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  1. Hun i know it stinx and atm my account is also frozen but if you did spend thousands of dollars wich is a lot of money btw why dont you just spend the $79 to re new your yr account then cancell the membership so you dont end up FROZEN not DEAD theres a diference. your probably thinking right now this B dont know what ive been through and what ive spent well I also have an account Frozen Donna Geddins probably 3yrs old that i stop playing for 1 wole yr and now im back i will unfreez her and right before i run out of membership i will cancell the premium pay ment i spent 10 thousand U.S.A dollars in a matter of 2 yrs and i know i can pay $100 or so to get it back ... People dont be missinformed you wont loose your account but it will be frozen untill you can get it back ...
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