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  1. I have sent a cashout request January 2nd and still nothing came through to Paypal. It's January 10th today. I am not the only one, some have their request even longer with no sign of the money. Is the Linden Labs company that incompetent? For the past month, the promise to send cashouts within 0-5 days has been severely breached. I'm sensing a sign of failure with funds.. now what does that say about a company that does not have money to pay its partners? Hmmm.... Right. Well for every day the Lindens have delayed my payment I require 100 free uploads. Yes that's very very fair. Of course no Linden will check this question, because they're too busy processing cashout requests. Or NOT processing them. Yes I am very angry. Yes I need that money paid into my account YESTERDAY. Yes this will NOT do.
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