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  1. Your thoughts.... Someone is logging in on an alt at the same time they are logged in on their main, they are on mic so cant be acually doing anything on the alt account ( no typing sounds etc). I cant simply ask because im not meant to know about the alt. So my question is...any idea why someone would be doing that ?
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice. Although so many mixed replies not sure which to take. As a female pride and trying to keep all dignity means i really don't want to keep being the one to make the first move all the time. I dont think i overestimated his interest in me, i think there is something else going on for his reason he doesnt IM, but just cant figure out what. You may well be right and he is one of those rare exceptional man, but i think i should mark this one up as yet another fail. And yes im working on reverse physiology now, hoping that if i stop wanting him he might finally
  3. I have a couple of male friends like that too, i hear the bling bling from there IM while i still see the log in screen. There keenness puts me off, so i guess men can't win maybe. I will take all the advice given here and in PM and TRY not to IM him. I will sit on my hands so i can't type if need be : ) But this is going to be a tough one for me. And no we dont have any agreement about who IMs who, thats one reason i did want to talk to him about it.......to let him no im not keen on the lack of IMs from him.
  4. Thank you for your reply, It has occurred to me he really isn't interested at all and just another SL player. But when i have contacted him we then spend many many hours into the dark hours chatting, if he wasn't interested im sure he would make some lame excuse why he has to leave and not spend that time with me. So its all very confusing for me right now.
  5. I know from experience that relationships can be hard in SL and many have had bad experiences here, myself included. Which is why i don't jump from one person to another. But i recently met someone, there was a instant connection with, something that doesn't happen for me often in SL. We chatted for hours, but not everyday. He is not the 'player' type, at least he doesn't come across like that. Recently i finally got the courage to tell him how i felt about him, and he admitted he was feeling the same, however....... Because of mistakes made in his past he wanted to ' take things slow'. I can
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