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  1. I do after six years and my first avi is going on 12 yrs. I do have a toddleedoo toddler and my other alt has a tweenydoo so we can build for them in mind. I switch from body to body but no fancy mesh womans body. I also have a dragon avi who is huge I use that to explore never has a problem crossing sims.
  2. Thinner walls in a cylinder If you want one for a balcony rezz a tube hollow to 95% Hole Size Y 0.05000 Profile Cut B 0.97998 Size X 63.0000 Rotate Y 270 Add another prim as the root and move the root prim where you want it. as the dimension will make it a tad tricky to move though I tend to use the Positions to place it where I want it Mapping Outside Horizontal 20.00000 Vertical 1.000 Rotation 90 Inside Horizontal 20.00000 Vertical -1.000 Rotation 90 Added a picture link to safe site to view the difference in the hollow size.
  3. Thanks for your reply it helped to relise I am not the only one with these issues in my country. Hopefully it will improve further and thanks for the link.
  4. Thanks for your reply and yes the price difference is because the exchange rate at the moment the US dollar is worth more than the Australian dollar so what is costing US user's $195 for a region is costing Australians an average of $260 for a region.
  5. For the last few days now this week 23rd of March 2015 until today bulk deletes are constantly returning to sim and this is not just in one sandbox but many. Its happening on my land as well and I have an extremely good PC with Nvidia graffics. Having problems not only with that but also returning obejcts to my inventory. And what up with the Scheduled Server Maintenance over several days it seems anytime I want to do any work they are doing anouther Server Maintenance. I have been in SL for over 8 years now, and it is driving me crazy. Why is it that some many other virtual worlds and internet games like world of war craft can have more stability than Second life? I spend an a lot of money in world and own quite a lot of land but the issues still remain no matter where you go in world. Its getting to the stage I am seriously thinking of getting rid of my land and going back to a basic account. Whats the point of being a paying member when SL can't even fix these issues over so many years? I live in Ausralia so it also means I am paying a lot mor for my land than those in the US so its another reason I have been thinking of going back to basic account. When you pay such a lot of money you expect good service I own a region amount of land.
  6. I just got onto to live chat it was the first report they have had so she will let them know its broken and its not all the same server the sandbox I am trying from in not on the same server as home
  7. Same here and I have tried from a sandbox as well as I found usually doing it from a premium sandbox works when you can not from home. I hate filling in the jira things it can be so damn complicated at least it was the last time I tried.
  8. I am today is so annoying things worked perfectly until a few minutes ago
  9. Are you not in business anymore? your ad is still showing in search though I find nothing upon teleport. Why have ad?
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