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  1. I disagree. People who want to be bloggers become bloggers. People who wish to be models become models. There is often cross over but there doesn't have to be. There are several great modeling schools in SL that will teach you the basics such as how to walk if you do shows and how to edit your clothing or body to achieve the perfect fit. My advice would be start researching these schools and enroll in the one you like best.
  2. Hi all I've been experimenting and trying all sorts of things to duplicate the shimmering effect I see on some gowns in sl but I just can't figure it out. Does anyone have any idea of this is done?
  3. Just rejoin ur groups and contact the owners asking for notice rights.
  4. Yes ur creating unique outfits but ur using someone else's sculpts, templates and textures. So its ur rearrangement of all those elements. I think you can only copyright if the creation is 100% yours, which these r not. As for someone copying your work, I dont' think there is anything you can do since anyone can purchase those same sculpts, templates and textures.
  5. Hi - Just my thoughts on arrogant merchants. For many people their products and stores are labors of love, their babies, that they spent hours on to make perfect in their eyes. then someone comes along and criticizes it - and whether the criticism/suggestion is justified or not it is possibly upsetting to them. You have the option of not purchasing their product if you don't like it the way it is. But I know when someone approaches me about something I made, depending on their approach/suggestion my first instinct can be defensive. Not to the them of course, but in my head. And then i have to
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