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  1. What I find amusing is you refer to your opinions as simple truths.Opinion can only be established as truth when you have proof to back it up. Now you are also a martyr in the forum because you felt the need to push stereotypes onto the male gender based on that opinion and have a big enough ego to be the voice for them. It really does seem you are in need of something, but I don't think it is a female stroking that ego of yours since you do it so well all on your own.
  2. I will never understand the need to stereotype others as if by summing up a group of people in neat little categories you actually "know" them. Every person is born an individual unique unto themselves no matter their gender, age, race, educational, or social background, etc. One of the main things I noticed about your post is you end it by signing it "the men." It is presumptuous at best for anyone to feel it right to become the voice of the whole male population in its entirety by speaking for them in any capacity. I'm a female. I simply am who I am. I expect and get the same from my husband. Of course there are things that I have admired about him and have made them known. Is it an everyday thing that I make it known to him? No, it isn't. I'm not going to fall over him as if he is a God, and I would never expect that kind of admiration from him.The idea of having to constantly pacify someone by stroking their ego is exhausting and not at all realistic. To put it simply...that type of attention would drive both of us insane. I do know my husband well enough to realize that fact. One thing I make known on a daily basis is how much I love him, and vice versa. It has nothing to do with telling one another inflated compliments to boost an ego, but everything to do with little actions that prove the worth we have as a couple. All of the men I have encountered are diverse, and there is no way I could fit them into neat little categories saying one is macho, or another is boring and needy. Personally I don't need to take advice from a man who feels it necessary to write a self-proclaimed guide on how the classy female can find that perfect man who doesn't fit into the stereotypes you listed. Trying to generalize anyone is foolish because it is an impossible task that doesn't get you any closer to understanding humanity.
  3. I'm a female in rl and in sl although according to the hints you listed I shouldn't be. 1) Just because a female in sl is willing to become intimate quickly in sl doesn't make her a male. This isn't my style, but I have female friends even in rl who are like this. 2) I have accidentally hit the caps lock key before as I'm sure others have as well. Most of the time I'm rather soft spoken, but when I get really angry I could make a sailor blush. Gender has nothing to do with swearing. 3) Yes, I do indeed make sure that bottom of mine is covered even in sl since I'm not a flasher by any means. 4) I refuse to share my Facebook page with most because it simply isn't safe to give a lot of personal information. There are many reasons why some won't use a mic/Skype/etc. My reason is I'm hearing impaired. 5) In real life I'm vertically challenged and curvy. Not overweight, but curvy. My avatar self is the same way. Not all women are thin. It just seems you have come to the conclusion in order to be female, one must be generic...otherwise they have to be male. It simply doesn't make sense to think this way. Women are diverse creatures that vary in their looks, personalities, habits, and behaviors.
  4. When you step outside your front door to pay the rental box because rent is due...
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