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  1. Sea & Shore Enterprises, which consists of :BLOSSOM:, S0H0E Shoes and Le Fashion Whore stores, is looking for female bloggers to join their team! If you like fashion-forward couture with a bit of whimsy, we're looking for you! Apply at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1crA5lSt4C-kjApy_akMUap6LfhjOejF2rEeXKnOwvao/edit and do make sure you read the rules!
  2. Model's Workshop is looking for a new office building in mesh, and we would like it customized for our needs. If you build in mesh and do custom work, please contact AriannaJasmine or Rhiannon Colclough in-world. Thank you
  3. OK, I am a big enough person to apologize when I am wrong. Although $50L is not much money at all, it does mean we are not non-profit. Barely profit, yes, but not non-profit. So I do apologize to ImaTest and chrzang. The Marketing Manager is a paid position, however. And perhaps it would help to compare the photographer to a blogger - a blogger gets "paid" in free product. The photographer is getting "paid" in publicity.
  4. First of all, are you aware who we are? Knee-jerk reactions to a post are not helpful. We are a non-profit organization to help models gain experience and exposure, and as part of that, we give our photographers the same opportunity. We have a show to be photographed once a month, the photographer is only required to work those hours and is not held to a rigid schedule of hours, and those photos are only used for publicity for the model as part of a prize. Since the other prizes the models are offered are also donations, it would seem hypocritical to pay the photographer. Not only that, b
  5. Model's Workshop is looking for a Marketing Manager and two Staff Photographers. Requirements and duties for both positions are as follows below. Please contact Rhiannon Colclough in-world to apply. Marketing Manager: We are looking for someone who has the following skills: *Excellent communication skills *Ability to think creatively and motivate people *Networking skills *Able to perform under pressure and work to deadlines *Understanding of marketing channels *Familiarity with technology and tools to accomplish tasks *Professional judgment & discretion Duti
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