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  1. Arkansas City,about fifty miles south of Wichita on the Oklahoma border.
  2. Hi,I bought a really beutiful female devil skin for a party I went to,and fell in love with it. Is there anywhere I can go and use it where seeing an all red skinned she devil covered in tattoo's is normal? Particularly interested in adult RP.
  3. Oh,I got the look's part down already! I spent the first few days of my second life just buying different skins and clothes and tweaking my look.. I didnt even want to wander into a public area without feeling 100% confident about my look. As far as joining freelance groups,I hadnt thought of that. Ill search up and join a few and see if I can get started that way. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Thanks for all the replys! Ive been hangin around a few places in world getting a feel for the scene and seeing how things work. making money isnt that big a deal,I mainly want to do it to have fun really,its something Ive always wanted to do. As fas as cash to spend on AO's HUD's etc. thats not that big an issue. Any recommendations on any to pick up?
  5. HI there! I just started my second life less than a week ago.. Im very interested in getting into the stripping/escort business. Ive went to apply at a few places but seems as though they are only accepting girls who have been around for a month or more. Are there any clubs that would give a newbie a shot and hire her? Also in the mean time while Im looking for an employer,is there anything I should pick to have ready when I am able to start,AO's,HUD's,etc?
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