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  1. hello all...i have tried to contact the maker of this top...but no response..I am needing an alpha that is made right for this top the right arm of the avie should be alpha to the elbow the person that made the top stopped at the shoulder...if anyone could help me please wold be wonderful .all i need is an alpha from the top of the shoulder to where the elbow bends or just above
  2. Sighs so bottem line I can not join a mega prim to a mesh object even if it is not a sculpt treid it already...even set the mega to phantom and still a no go...sighs and slams head against the wall...
  3. heres my issue....my mesh object is li 19 prims....my build which is normal prim that i want to attach my mesh object is 147...when i link the two together the prim counts go into the thousands... what am I doing worng??
  4. location in secondlife http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Appalachian/191/137/3002 This haunted house is based on some of the scariest halloween movies, 5 floors to see and interactive things to do the gates of hell await your arrival so hurry before the gates close!!
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