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  1. I started back in 2007-2008 in a medieval / fantasy roleplay sim called Aglarond. I started out as a one-line poster, but over the years somehow evolved into a para-player.
  2. This has been filled! No longer looking.
  3. Thanks to COVID19, I'm back in SL after a few years' haitus. I'm looking for any roleplayers who might be interested in a storyline where their character summons and binds mine (a demon / infernal) -- OR if that doesn't appeal to you and you'd like a flip, your character becomes bound to mine through a pact gone wrong. Please note, this is entirely IC for roleplay sims (whether one you're a part of, or one I'm on). It doesn't extend to OOC. I'm pretty flexible, so I'm fine with this being in medieval-fantasy, modern-fantasy, or supernatural-modern. I don't care if you're a man, woman, or
  4. I'm also currently having this problem. Relogging, TPing to different sims, and so on, has not worked. This has been going on for 2 days. Was it ever fixed for you, Lindalis? Edit: Just as I posted this, it worked. I'm not sure why though.
  5. Princess Gata wrote: great, glad am not one of your kids then Mnsr Test. Attitude isn't necessary. He wasn't attacking you; he was voicing what is true. Some people see the same way you do; others do not. There's no need to get defensive. :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Princess Gata wrote: But I know I ain't someone whose gonna beg parents for lindens, way to get booted out imo! I just re-read everyone's responses to double-check what they said before I responded to this. No one said anything about begging for Lindens. They did not even hint at it. Perhaps you, too, should re-read wha
  6. I will admit, I have a great many favorites; having been roleplaying since 2006, I have had the honor and delight of engaging in awesome roleplays with various characters. A few, however, take the cake; a recent one was where I was trying to raid a black market as my Drow Ambassador character, and I was attacked by fae and elf ninjas, all directed by the sim owner. I lost, but it was quite funny OOCly, even if I did not appreciate being whupped ICly. Anyhow, what are some of your favorite roleplays from your past? Any scenes or events which make you smile, and/or chuckle?
  7. Absolutely. It always happens at the most inopportune moments, too. I can spend all day on SL and nothing happens; but as soon as I start to actually enter roleplay, and I am two minutes into it and my hopes are raising, Whammo! RL needs me urgently between 30 minutes - 2 hours. Then when I come back, roleplay sims are empty again. I think RL purposely does that to me, just to watch me tear my hair out.
  8. The Isle of Sul (rated mature) is recruiting Drow. This sim uses a Dice HUD. Arborea (rated adult) is also in need of Drow. This sim uses [free] meters. Dravendore has Drow, but I have not been there in a long time; I can not remember if they use meter.
  9. I've seen my fair share of frightening profiles which sent me high-tailing it for the hills...and I am a heterosexual guy. Not all of us are here for sex; I come for roleplay. I've seen quite a few terrifying women(or so they seem)'s profiles, and I've seen quite a few terrifying men's profiles...plus plenty of clean and amusing profiles as well that are not at all disturbing.
  10. There are, in some sims, groups of women called the Amazons...but they are not all act partially animalistic; some are just dangerous warriors (warrioresses...?), others are more wild. You might want to look at the Havens (the main sim is called 'Moonhaven'), and their allies (which spread across several other sims). Most have Amazon groups, and each one is a bit different. Look through them. Groups for men, I do not know about.
  11. Hugsies v3.6 not transferrable, but it is free and good quality for a freebie. It is modifiable, so size/texture/color can be changed by you. Here is the link to it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hugsies-Freebie-**bleep**-v36/2400705
  12. I was excited to see this - now, at long last, there can be a translator for my race! Thank you
  13. To create a discussion, I asked roleplayers what their favorite type of roleplay is and why -- now, I am asking a different question. If your perfect / dream sim existed, what would it be like? What would its theme be? Would it be metered? What would the roleplayers be like - single-liners, paragraphers, novelists? What else would you want in it? Do you think the quality of the roleplay in it would be most important, or the graphics -- or both?
  14. The "new" Spellfire is the Omega meter; it has more options for races/rank, and Spellfire weapons work with it. So any sim you enter which uses the Omega meter is the same thing. The Havens (the main sim is called Moonhaven) and the Sylvhara chain sims all use the Omega meter; take a look at those also.
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