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  1. Kenbro Utu wrote: I would suggest you do exactly as was told to you last month in this thread when you were seeing French. You might also want to work on your memory. You might want to work on people skills. It's tiring seeing the same regular posters (not just you obviously) that must have some odd gratification to answer the way you did here. You do realize that you took the time to find the other thread of his instead of maybe helping the guy out. Yes, we know it's a forum and everyone is entitled to be rude.
  2. The land sub forum has a general discussion, should you have not posted this question there? It's funny that when certain people post on this forum, the snark is held back. I googled it and found the answer quick. I see it's okay for you to ask for help on the GD forum when answers or the sub forum mentioned above would have been appropriate. You do have some borderline rude replies to others. I hope you can find some empathy for non-professional, new users of the Second life forums.
  3. Jeagerjaqves wrote: So, I tried to log into second life for the first time and when it finally loads and all that, it takes me back to the home page of the viewer saying: "We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or the Second Life Grid. You can either check your Internet connection and try again in a few minutes, click Help to view the Second Life Support Portal, or click Teleport to attempt to teleport home." I'm using Windows 8, but the other sepcifications are a bit fuzy to me, so if someone could help me, that'd be awesome! Rollling
  4. Aphrenity wrote: I'm sorry I don't think you read this thread properly. It's about YOU women and the rediculous decisions you make and your need to scare away every decent humanbeing with them. In RL I don't tolerate this kind of crap from women never have never will. In a game it's rather hard to avoid when some random woman just bust out with these broken heart stories like you're interested in hearing them. For every Boo Hoo profile that shouts I've had my heart broken in SL (and if you say you haven't seen that 9/10 times your a stone cold liar) there is a boo hoo story they can't wai
  5. Shroom Steinbeck wrote: Wow thanks for the detailed reply. And thanks for putting it in perspective. I agree with you. I would think people sharing an intimate moment would turn on the privacy land settings instead of leaving it open for all to see, but I guess that's easy to forget? Also I use my camera most of the time in SL. I will see if people are having sex or not. I was mainly talking about people I met that weren't doing anything except maybe moving some furniture around. Thanks for the recommendations. I might give them a look over on a rainy day. People don't have to turn
  6. Qie Niangao wrote: I'm not sure what's being asked, but if the question is about finding the location of another avatar, one not in the sim and not wearing the script, then indeed that would be a serious privacy violation. Years ago, there was a bug that allowed that to happen -- in a very limited way, and using an insanely laggy script -- but it was patched very quickly. After a brief conversation inworld, I will say this is a serious privacy violation. I won't give the details of the what was said but it is something that is against the TOS. The OP knew off hand in the initial post it
  7. joniveehernandez wrote: Hi just wondering around if its possible to detect the avatar's global coordinates or the region is in. But I doubt that's possible because of privacy and security concern, I guess - Thanks After reading your profile, this question concerns me and I would question the privacy of any avatars involved.
  8. CaramelBombshell wrote: I honestly do not care. /me laughs as he wonders why the avatar is not upgraded to much better eye candy. Still would not give 1$L for anything. /me also wonders how many men are the ones actually replying and paying. Oh that's right, I can pretty much guess. Have a blast Caramel - Mia! Rofl.
  9. Your post is an example of trying to forcing an opinon on another. Force is not too harsh a word in my book. I think we can end your lengthy posts as my intial reply was to the OP and I do not care to carry on a grammar discussion in this thread with you. No need to explain the dictionaries and meanings of words, I am well aware how a word can be used and the meaning can go outside of the box of the norm. Have a nice time on the forums. Good day.
  10. I am sorry too. You feel one way and I another. Neither one of us put the meanings behind words we use, many dictionaries, many meanings. Still just an opinion. I don't know where you live, but people do force their opinions on others, you do realize that is something people try and do with the words they use and repeated replies. In Rl they do it also physically. It happens on the internet and of course in RL. There are agressive people in the world. I think that it's great the OP took all the replies and came to a comfortable conclusion. I'm good on the use of the words. Thanks.
  11. Advice, opinions, same thing on a public forum. That's my view. You can certainly try and force your opinion or point of view on another. You don't realize that? I would hazard a guess that you, like anyone else has been in a situation like that. Forced, meaning they hung his actions and their -opinions- went back and forth not as a discussion: "I think it's very poor form that you were this blunt about your feelings, going out of your way to tell us how child avi's make you sick. A gentleman would have politely declined and left it at that. Again, to me, the conversation seems entirely inno
  12. Hello Magnus, I am a reader not a poster of this forum. I did feel the need to reply to this post, because I feel you have been hung out to dry with many forced personal opinions of others here. It's personal prefernece to ban anyone from a sim they pay for. I don't feel that you are ban happy from the responses you have given after the rude ones you have received. I am a male in my 40's in the United States. I can see that people are not seeing past themselves from all the accusations that you had AR'd the avatar when you didn't. I do not associate with child avatars because I have that cho
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