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  1. I lost all my blender project files!!!! (I thought I had a backup. RIP) and since I cannot get them back from my backup drive, I need to export the rigged meshes that I created back into Blender using Firestorm's export feature. I made all of these meshes that I wish to recover. My issue is that I cannot seem to export the bones with my mesh. It comes back unrigged, and I need them to be rigged, so that I can continue to make addons and modifications for these parts of my creation. How can I get my meshes back with their bones and weights?
  2. I have done that already. It messes up the animation even further. I will provide a picture of this.
  3. I'm the creator of the MMnM Bento Naga tail. I am finally trying to fix my screwy slithering animation, but I do not know what is causing the problem. My animation looks great in blender, but when imported to SL, it messes up. I don't know how to make a spoiler. These are my animation export settings This is the proper animation This is what it looks like in SL I assume it has something to do with the modified hierarchy. at the back end of the rig, the tail base bone "Tail1" is connected to "Himdlimb4Right". THis has usually not been a problem, and I have been ab
  4. I'm looking to purchase an empty plot of land, or preferably a skybox. Must NOT be General rated. I am planning on using around 300 prims, maybe less, since I will likely be meshing my own furniture in Blender. I want a full DIY experience with my home since I have the skills, and will be using scripts a lot. I need a wide, square area to build my home. If your offer is for land, No thin rectangles please. I don't need an outdoors! 💚 Skybox preferred! I will be using this land to invite my friends and have visits and hang out, and also to showcase some of my proud achievements. I MIGHT need
  5. I am sure. I actually fixed the problem! It turns out that the Pg up key is also tied to another function on my keyboard that disabled those keys on Second Life, and it was more of a keyboard problem that just so happened to only affect SL. I fixed it by pressing Pg Up.
  6. I logged on today to find that I couldn't type the letters a, f, or s in the chat and the keys don't even respond in Second Life at all! The only way for me to get them to work in lowercase is by using caps-lock, or type them in uppercase with the shift key. They will not respond without another key being pressed. I have no gestures tied to these keys, so I do not understand what it happening. This only happens in second life, as you can see... I am typing a lot of these affected letters here. I think I might have hit a hotkey that prevents me from using these three letters in Second Life,
  7. As I can see that I no longer can edit this thread... I would like to add that I am also interested in playing the role of a house servant. Preferably in a fictional or futuristic setting.
  8. Yes This topic is quite specific, and I am sure there will not be much out there right now. I am looking for a roleplay set in modern day, with fantasy and sci-fi elements mixed in at the same time. I can only describe this type of setting as "cartoonish" in nature, where everything is mixed together like that. I am a half demon named Tam, and I am pretty normal in the image of my world. Just a regular woman except with horns, a tail, and some light fire magic here and there... I want to find an RP group with this kind of townie setting with aliens, furries, monsters and humans all together in
  9. I've been a part of a very small and brand new RP group and the theme was very specific. Even though I enjoyed it, I fear that there are no other good RP groups out there. I read this thread from beginning to end, noticing that the trend seems to be that nobody wants to play as a commoner, or they are only out for pixel sex. It really bums me out to hear this! I was looking forward to finding a group that is very inclusive, possibly a sci-fi fantasy hybrid.. and hearing how everyone wants to be the most important really kills my immersion. I always roleplay as a not-so-special per
  10. I just remembered that I got the Mused Milk made system once.... so now I can tell you that it's in an In-World store only! when I remember the SLURL for their store, I will put it here for you :3
  11. I have the DurpButt Avian. It does come with chest options, and I believe there is the NSFW option. I do not know how to answer your first question though, and I'd have to say that the product you are looking for might not be on the marketplace. Only in world, but that is just a guess. [Edit]: Forgot to mention that shape sliders do not work well with the Avian avatar.
  12. Thank you. I have posted a new thread in the section you have directed me to.
  13. I am looking for a free or cheap script that will remember the sequence in which linked prims are touched. The reason I need this, is so that I can make a musical instrument that doesn't include songs, but the ability to create your own. There would be a dialog menu that pops up when you click the root prim. It asks you if you would like to record, or record with a loop, And if you choose option 1 you touch all the strings in the order you want them to play in, hit finish in the dialog menu, and it will play once. If you chose option 2, then the recorded sequence will play
  14. I'm making some kind of stringed instrument.... and I want to know if it's possible to queue sounds across multiple prims. I have two options right now. OPTION 1 I want it to be that if I touch the first string, the sound inside that string loops, and if I touch another string, the sound in the first string finishes the loop then plays the sound in the other string. I am unsure if this is possible because all of my strings are separate prims, and I have no clue how to make two prims "talk" to each other even if they are in the same object. My goal is to make a "Modular
  15. The fairysnake naga was made way before bento bones came out. And I AM looking for ground collision. I don't care about object collision. Just the ground. Thanks for the replies.
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