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  1. Haha I blame myself for the first error but the second one was in Quistessa's code block Thanks lol I had absolutely no idea what I was doing
  2. I added this piece of code to my current HUD button hoping to integrate it in to what I already have, but the Texture Name thing seems to not be working. I changed my Texture names to EYE_x but I get an output saying "INVALID TEXTURE NAME" 3 times for all textures in the inventory. I need a second pair of eyes to see what I did wrong. I'll attach my code here. integer numberoftextures;//number of textures in inventory integer currenttexture;//inventory number of current texture integer channel = (Omitted); // Channel for comms (Must be same as reciever). list protoEyeList; // Li
  3. thank you for this useful information. I believe I want to go with an inventory-based texture application now. One concern I have is how to separate the different textures by type? I want to have different sets of eyes, mouths, and blushes for the head I'm making, and I want the scripts to be able to tell which textures go for what part of the head by face number if that makes sense. so that eye textures only apply to the eye face, and all that. Can I make it so there's a naming format for the textures for the scripts to read, so that for example, a texture named EYE_1 is recognized as a
  4. I'm looking for a Star Trek roleplay on SL with lenient rules in regards to species/uniforms and the like. I want to be an engineer, and my species is not an actual star trek species but fanmade. Just looking for active RP communities that will accept me. Bonus points if the uniform color scheme follows that of "The Next Generation" series.
  5. accidental duplicate please delete
  6. I am trying to make a Texture change HUD button that has multiple textures assigned to one button, that when the button is clicked, assigns the first texture to a single face in the object, and when the button is clicked again, it assigns the second texture in the list to the object, then the third, and so on, until we reach the end of the texture list, and it starts over. I want this button to be able to have multiple texture UUIDs in a list to grab from, to assign to the object, but so far I have only found ways to make scripts that only offer one texture to apply, and that is not good consi
  7. I lost all my blender project files!!!! (I thought I had a backup. RIP) and since I cannot get them back from my backup drive, I need to export the rigged meshes that I created back into Blender using Firestorm's export feature. I made all of these meshes that I wish to recover. My issue is that I cannot seem to export the bones with my mesh. It comes back unrigged, and I need them to be rigged, so that I can continue to make addons and modifications for these parts of my creation. How can I get my meshes back with their bones and weights?
  8. I have done that already. It messes up the animation even further. I will provide a picture of this.
  9. I'm the creator of the MMnM Bento Naga tail. I am finally trying to fix my screwy slithering animation, but I do not know what is causing the problem. My animation looks great in blender, but when imported to SL, it messes up. I don't know how to make a spoiler. These are my animation export settings This is the proper animation This is what it looks like in SL I assume it has something to do with the modified hierarchy. at the back end of the rig, the tail base bone "Tail1" is connected to "Himdlimb4Right". THis has usually not been a problem, and I have been ab
  10. I'm looking to purchase an empty plot of land, or preferably a skybox. Must NOT be General rated. I am planning on using around 300 prims, maybe less, since I will likely be meshing my own furniture in Blender. I want a full DIY experience with my home since I have the skills, and will be using scripts a lot. I need a wide, square area to build my home. If your offer is for land, No thin rectangles please. I don't need an outdoors! 💚 Skybox preferred! I will be using this land to invite my friends and have visits and hang out, and also to showcase some of my proud achievements. I MIGHT need
  11. I am sure. I actually fixed the problem! It turns out that the Pg up key is also tied to another function on my keyboard that disabled those keys on Second Life, and it was more of a keyboard problem that just so happened to only affect SL. I fixed it by pressing Pg Up.
  12. I logged on today to find that I couldn't type the letters a, f, or s in the chat and the keys don't even respond in Second Life at all! The only way for me to get them to work in lowercase is by using caps-lock, or type them in uppercase with the shift key. They will not respond without another key being pressed. I have no gestures tied to these keys, so I do not understand what it happening. This only happens in second life, as you can see... I am typing a lot of these affected letters here. I think I might have hit a hotkey that prevents me from using these three letters in Second Life,
  13. As I can see that I no longer can edit this thread... I would like to add that I am also interested in playing the role of a house servant. Preferably in a fictional or futuristic setting.
  14. Yes This topic is quite specific, and I am sure there will not be much out there right now. I am looking for a roleplay set in modern day, with fantasy and sci-fi elements mixed in at the same time. I can only describe this type of setting as "cartoonish" in nature, where everything is mixed together like that. I am a half demon named Tam, and I am pretty normal in the image of my world. Just a regular woman except with horns, a tail, and some light fire magic here and there... I want to find an RP group with this kind of townie setting with aliens, furries, monsters and humans all together in
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