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  1. I just remembered that I got the Mused Milk made system once.... so now I can tell you that it's in an In-World store only! when I remember the SLURL for their store, I will put it here for you :3
  2. I have the DurpButt Avian. It does come with chest options, and I believe there is the NSFW option. I do not know how to answer your first question though, and I'd have to say that the product you are looking for might not be on the marketplace. Only in world, but that is just a guess. [Edit]: Forgot to mention that shape sliders do not work well with the Avian avatar.
  3. Thank you. I have posted a new thread in the section you have directed me to.
  4. I am looking for a free or cheap script that will remember the sequence in which linked prims are touched. The reason I need this, is so that I can make a musical instrument that doesn't include songs, but the ability to create your own. There would be a dialog menu that pops up when you click the root prim. It asks you if you would like to record, or record with a loop, And if you choose option 1 you touch all the strings in the order you want them to play in, hit finish in the dialog menu, and it will play once. If you chose option 2, then the recorded sequence will play in a loop until you hit "stop" on the dialog menu. An extra thing I would like is the option to save your favorite sequences into a memory bank that has 10 slots. So you can easily switch to different sequences, allowing you to make a completely custom song. [Edit]: I would also like for sequences to be stored in notecards, along with a variable that sets the length of each note, so that the user can determine how long each note in their sequence will be. Defaulted to a whole note. This is for a prim object in which each string is a separate prim, that contains its own sound in its contents. So there needs to be communication between the linked prims and the root prim in order for this to work.. I am willing to pay for a script that does its job well.
  5. I'm making some kind of stringed instrument.... and I want to know if it's possible to queue sounds across multiple prims. I have two options right now. OPTION 1 I want it to be that if I touch the first string, the sound inside that string loops, and if I touch another string, the sound in the first string finishes the loop then plays the sound in the other string. I am unsure if this is possible because all of my strings are separate prims, and I have no clue how to make two prims "talk" to each other even if they are in the same object. My goal is to make a "Modular" music system where the user can mix and match sound clips to make a variety of different songs. Option 2 unless I should simplify my design and go for a "One single note per string thing".... if Option 2 is possible then I would like for there to be a dialog menu that pops up when the base of the instrument is touched. in this menu, you can start a "Recording period", where the instrument remembers which strings were touched, and when the user presses "finish" in this dialog menu, the memorized notes would play back in order like one of those talking parrot thingies.... If it is possible I would like scripts for both Options 1 and 2. I already made my sounds so hopefully everything will work out.
  6. The fairysnake naga was made way before bento bones came out. And I AM looking for ground collision. I don't care about object collision. Just the ground. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but there used to be an avatar that had a tail that collided with the ground (likely using scripts) Unfortunately I cannot get the Fairysnake naga avatar because their store closed down... I want to sort of "recreate" that system from the fairysnake naga. So I don't have to use the 5j lamia tail anymore. The problem I am facing is that I want to play ANY animation I want while being a Naga-ish creature without deforming in the most absurd ways. Which is why I request a script to make a collision enabled physics tail.... If It has been done before. It can be done again!
  8. Thanks you two. I'm going to try and combine Xiija's script with a slow timer and see if I can manage on my own.. I'll keep you posted if my script has errors I cannot fix.. I guess I will try to fill in the Night time portion by myself as well.
  9. Alright I am still kinda stuck... So I DO want to use the llGetSunDirection thing... but now I want to use texture offset to control the pupil size... but I have no idea how to make it so that there's multiple frames in my texture animation... (more than 2) I kinda wanna split the animation into 7 frames... where the last frame is fully contracted, the first one is fully dilated, and all the rest are in between. I want to be able to Ping pong the animation based on the SL time. so at dawn, the pupil will start to contract... going through all 7 frames until it hits noon, then going backwards, slowly dilating as it gets darker.... The thing is I cannot wrap my head around scripting very well... and a simple push in the right direction will help a lot. I need a script to combine texture animatons with llGetSunDirection in some way and I can modify it from there, adding all my frames and such... sorry If I am being bothersome.
  10. will the above methods allow for a smooth transition from the day state to the night state? I don't want the pupil of the eye to "snap" from daytime to nighttime states. that's not realistic
  11. May I see an example? I can fill in the blanks from there... I'm not really that good at WRITING scripts from scratch.. to be honest.
  12. I want to make a prim eyeball that consists of 2 prims.. the pupil, and the iris/sclera combined.. I want to make it so that based on the time of day, the pupil dilates/contracts, Being fully dilated at midnight in world. I'm going to be using two spheres. The pupil prim will be dimpled so that it looks like a cone, all I want to know is how to change the dimple based on time of day. :3 Thanks
  13. Hello, I am trying to make a Quadruped avatar using the bento skeleton. (I also use the Firestorm Viewer) I have animated and rigged it already, but the problem is that the animations do not work in SL as expected. It appears as though the axis of rotation for the bones has changed in the transition from Blender to Second Life. I'm really not sure why this is happening. I have included all joint positions in uploading the mesh. I made a running animation for my Quad avatar. when I try to preview it in Second life, it looks more like a worm with legs rocking side to side. Here's what it is in Blender: Here's the result in the Firestorm Viewer:
  14. I'm uploading a mesh to the test grid to test animesh.. I can't click the animated mesh check box, even though the mesh IS rigged, is under 20,000 triangles by a lot, and I am in the animesh test region... Do I have to use the base avatar skeleton or something? because nothing I am doing seems to be fixing the problem.
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