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  1. In my previous parcel in Donovan I was situated right beside the Panamole Canal and directly behind the beach. After I had decorated and settled in I sailed a few times. It was a fun way to spend an hour or so and a good way to see regions I hadn't up to that point. I took my baby for a ride around Belli's waterways and twice I took a friend too. The biggest issue I faced was lag. Sailing anywhere near house boats usually had me snapping back more often than not, even with settings down as low as they could go, and slamming into other boats or parcels only to be warned I was trespassing. By the time my screen unfroze (or the dreaded black screen left) I was out of the boat with no chance to correct. Unfortunately to sail you also need DD up which generally means more to render which means lag, and there's not much you can do besides derender everything around you and hope you don't accidentally run into someone or something that is still technically in your path. Another major issue I had was access. Sailing around the mainland of Belli isn't bad (lag aside) but the accessibility of inland waterways are. Had we the ability to sail to where the campers are or sail inland that would have been fun too. I realize that land elevation varies from region to region and these variances are offset by waterfalls and such which are quite beautiful and well done, but they're dead ends if you intend to visit by water. For the most part the novelty has worn off now even though I have sailed a few times from current lot in Well Springs. The fact I can at present only go in one direction isn't a huge issue as I know the surrounding waterways will open in good time. Watching others come screaming past to slam into that invisible brick wall of an unopened region is kind of funny but it is lag-tastic too, and a danger to small-boaters such as myself. πŸ₯Ί And @Evangeline Arcadia is right; I love the view of the water more than anything. Sailing is secondary. The argument of having waterways not being used is no different to people asking for more community areas and not using the multitude of the ones we already have; it's all there to use at our discretion.
  2. #1 - Modern (Palo Alto Modern hands down #1, yes!) ❀️ #2 - Adobes. 😍 I'd love to see a desert-style landscaped section of Bellisseria to offset the green, sand and occasional rocky terrain. Imagine the varied plant life, the red sand blowing across the plains like the snow gusts at Winter wonderland... Campers and Cabins* could fit that terrain too? #3 - Brownstones. (I'd love something more urban as opposed to suburban). ☺️ Impossible as it may seem I'd love something that feels like living in the city and apartments just seem like a headache waiting to happen. It's not inconceivable to have rows of Brownstones (think Brooklyn Brownstones) though they would likely have to be given the illusion of "joined" by fake walls or shells between which would limit Resident's yards (offset by narrower backyards and basements perhaps?) and not be "as pretty" as the wide open spaces with lots of greenery (or water) as we currently have. Another downside would likely be the lag produced by lots of objects to render in dense areas such as we currently see with houseboats. But should the day ever come when we did get faux stores townhouses might suit those areas well. #4 - Post Apoc. πŸ€” It's a niche market and not something I'd ever really expect to see or would fit into Bellisseria as we have it right now well at all, but it's as fanciful as floating islands, underwater cities and fantasy builds so I thought I'd throw this into the mix. I doubt many would want to live next door to rusty, broken down hovels but imagine a shanty town and campers next to the train tracks! #4 (option 2) - Beach / tropical bungalow. 🀩 Since there's many coastal areas to islands and we already have lots of sandy terrain this seems like a no-brainer and a nice gap-filler for these areas between Traditionals, Campers and Houseboats. It may just be a matter of creating lots of lagoon type areas so there's enough water to go around. * As for cabins; I'd like to see them as they would blend into the current landscaping of Belli well. And if there were to ever be some snowy regions cabins would be ideal. But given the fact we have a mountain log cabin as a premium gift and already scattered throughout the camping areas it might be like reinventing the wheel for the LDPW and not much of a building challenge. As much as it pains me to say having followed the forums for a while now I can imagine Residents comparing the Belli cabin to the premium gift cabin and complaining they didn't get something "unique" and feeling shortchanged (as cabins can technically be used already by us on Mainland if we want to, just not in Belli).
  3. Correction; "SoBel Homes" (aka South Bellisseria). I'm kidding! I'm kidding! πŸ˜…
  4. No I'm not where I started and I can't remember how many homes I've been in since. But I do love the parcel I'm in now and despite how much Belli has grown and just how amazing the landscaping has developed over time I have absolutely zero interest in leaving that any time soon.
  5. RaeLeeH


    View from Well Springs looking south. That's my house bottom middle of the screen. Draw distance maxed out. I know all this is nothing new but I am surprised and relieved in all honesty that the houseboats weren't closer. I remember when I first got my house in Well Springs getting an IM from someone telling me to "enjoy the view while I had it since there were going to be houseboats in front of me and that road that ends there (in Well Springs) was going to be continued (south) soon." (Not a direct quote but that was the general jist of it). I'm glad to see neither of those things have happened - yet - and since I usually keep my DD at 60 or less I can't see any of those newer regions from my backyard. Phew! I understand why the water regions (Eel Bank and Northwest Passage) are locked (no access yet) but look forward to the day they are so people screaming past on their boats stop smacking into an invisible wall and crashing. πŸ˜–
  6. Finally got in to see the new houses having based my previous post on pictures alone. I will say I ADORE the detail of them; The design, the fittings, even the textures around the door frames! And I LOVE the porches, OMG they are fantastic. I wish I had that smaller one on my beach lot, if I had that I think I'd be over the moon. The landscaping is gorgeous too. Very spread out and colourful and all round relaxing really. Those willow tress are gorgeous and the little bridges and walkways and even the sidewalk with the added driveway was fantastic. The team has done a magnificent job all round. But the visit didn't change my mind at all. I'm sincerely happy where I am and not going anywhere any time soon. Ask me later I guess. The good news is it means one less person in the running if nothing else. Sincerely best of luck to everyone getting ready for their official release, whenever that may be. Amazing work @Patch Linden and the team ! You've truly outdone yourselves this year! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  7. I don't have kids so I can't technically answer this question but hypothetically I wouldn't have an issue with it if they were of legal age and sound mind. (Sound-ish mind perhaps, though that's a relative and subjective term as I've met a few people over the years that barely fall under that last category, but I digress. I'm sure to some I'm not sailing with an even keel either...) As an adult it's hypocritical of me to do one thing and say another, but that wouldn't stop me worrying what they get up to or if they are mentally, emotionally, financially and physically okay with whatever presents online. As others have pointed out there are far worse platforms and games out there that kids/adult-kids can get into with equally as much dangers there if not more. At least since I'm familiar with the general workings of SL I'd feel better equipped to walk them through things if issues arose. My bigger concern is teaching internet safety as it wasn't an issue when I was a kid. As a society we are growing so dependent on it and real issues can and do arise and have life-threatening consequences. I don't want that for anyone much less my would-be kids, but all I can do/could do is try and protect them as best I can and educate where I'm able. I think that's all any of us can really do. There's a lot of negative aspects to online worlds but there are some good ones too. I've seen and been involved in some of the most seedy activities in SL there are, and I've also experienced the PG side too where things are perhaps a lot less risque (but the risks remain the same as with any virtual community). Of course there would always be that question or fear that when you get intimate with an avatar that it may just be your RL child on the other end and you'd hope to figure that out before things went too far! Teaching kids good communication is ideal but probably isn't always going to translate well, especially in this age of abbreviation and internet anonymity, despite social media oversaturation. You'd hope kids know enough about Phishing, Catfishing, scammers, greifers, stalkers and such once they reach adulthood to know some basic coping mechanisms or how to get out of certain situations - and as a parent that's your job to teach them as best you can, but sadly a lot of education doesn't come until you've been in a situation that forces you to learn a hard lesson. Almost all of us had to learn life lessons that way, that's what life's all about; trial and error and learning from mistakes or triumphs. The best thing as a parent I could do is hope I taught them well enough to trust their intuition and look for warning signs to avoid certain situations, and what to do if they found themselves there... As well as to not become one of those people themselves that others need to be protected against. As far as I'm concerned the more you tell someone they shouldn't or can't do something the more they'd be inclined to want it. In my personal opinion it's better to let them try and be there however one can be if needed (Granted we are talking about adult kids in SL only. I wouldn't have this same view if we were discussing literal underage children or other vices that must be denied them by law and for health and safety concerns like illicit drugs etc. I just wanted to add that last part in case someone suggested that as an argumental flaw). And no I don't have kids but I have nephews and nieces that spend a lot of time online (and the eldest is almost 18). They hadn't even heard of SL (until I told them) and have no interest in it whatsoever. They follow the current trends; Fortnite, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption, GTA whatever number they're up to now, etc. Generally there's a lot of killing of something or other. One of them plays The Sims and just like me has hacked and modded that game to pieces where they can do almost exactly what we do online in SL anyway and her parents know about it. Kids (and adult kids) will find a way and there are a LOT of avenues out there for them to try and be tempted with SL just being one. As a parent it would be a case of better the proverbial devil I know than the one I don't. But what do I know, it's all hypothetical anyway. *shrugs*
  8. This is exactly my feeling too. I always wanted a house on the beach and now I have it I don't want to let it go. I don't want to kick my alt back to premium up again for a new house that I may not use and don't actually need since I rarely ever log him in anyway, as much as I love the look of them. And OMG Hardy; I'm in love with the damn name (or just the actor, I can't tell which)! It's like the LDPW are TRYING to get me to house hunt again! Damn them! 😭 *shakes fist and loves them anyway* But yeah, all jokes aside I'm not as excited for the new homes as I was previously as I am one of the rare few that feel like I have found my perfect lot. I MIGHT try for a new house for a month maybe but I really can't see myself keeping it and even as I type this I feel half-hearted about it. It's better to me if the homes go to those who don't have one yet or just want one for whatever reason. I don't want one really, it's just because it's new and shiny and has that name I want (bring that in as a premium surname, I'll be Rae Hardy in a Hardy house!), oh and porches... I actually do love those porches... But I love my beach too! Dammit LL! *cries dramatically* Why do you have to tempt us so?
  9. Finally got around to visiting. The pictures actually don't do it justice, it's very well done and captures the festive spirit so well. Fantastic job @TessaPaige Jupiter! Here we are introducing Riley to Santa... As well as introducing her to her first Reindeer (to her first animal that isn't a cat, actually)... And taking Riley on her first merry-go-round ride! (I love this pic, more for getting photo-bombed by Dancer! That expression says it all...) A cute and fun little destination that was well worth the visit. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas from Riley and I. πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸ˜Š EDIT: And a huge thanks too to @Christhiana for the wonderful gift! That's so very thoughtful of you (and OMG a necessity!!) 😍 ❀️🀯
  10. Sorry, no bunnies in this post... ... Just Riley and I at The Winter Wonderland here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winter Wonderland 2/157/7/21 I also wanted to send a shout-out to @Garden Mole as well as the rest of the team that created those regions, especially for those little touches like the sounds of footsteps and wind and gusting snow along the ground. I've been coming back for years now so its a kind of developed into an annual tradition. Since this is Riley's first Christmas I had to show her the lights. (Yes we're sitting in a sleigh; AITUI - Getaway Sleigh. It's wearable but only moves as fast as you can run. Still beats trying to snowboard with an infant! Maybe next year...)
  11. That is GORGEOUS, Matty! Matches your eyes so well too. ❀️
  12. Took Riley to meet Santa at Pal Park. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…β€οΈ
  13. Going overboard with Madpea Games and Hunts lately. Yesterday I started Spellbound with @momomoonusagi and we're only about half way through. The game and puzzles are great but the builds; HOLY HECK! They are some of the absolute best environments I have EVER seen in Second Life. Just breathtaking. 🀯 Just took this earlier as I chose House Ignis.
  14. See; after all these years I'm still a noob at heart. Thanks Adam. πŸ‘ 😁
  15. I'd seen others mention having one but never occurred to me to make one much less look at others. Now I have been educated... watch out bank balance! *laughs and cringes at the same time*
  16. I would definitely love to take part in this. I just don't have a wish list… I may need to rectify that now! 😳 Thanks to a friend now I know HOW to do it! *hangs head in shame* https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/RaeLeeH Edit: Thanks to @Adam Spark and @Catriefor showing me how to link that correctly (even if I had to look at Catrie's to figure it out. Some nice stuff there btw!). 🀭
  17. My avatar name is pretty basic and non-imaginative really. Rae and Lee are variations of my RL first and middle names, and H the first initial of my RL surname. Back then I thought it was me enough that I could relate but also not-me enough so as to enjoy some level of internet anonymity. Not very imaginative in hindsight. Not sure what I would have named myself had I chance for a do-over, and with the prospect of surnames to purchase in the not-too-distant future I'm still unsure as to where I'll end up but I can't imagine ever being anything other than Rae (something or other) now.
  18. Today's challenge; survive another Madpea adventure... πŸ˜πŸ€”πŸ˜¨
  19. Just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to the Moles and LDPW collectively for the fantastic Christmas decorations in the Lodge too. I'm a little late to the party seeing them since I don't live in the area but was supposed to be taking part in the Winter Swaginator hunt and got distracted by all the pretties... A HUGE THANKS too for all the extras included in the recent update. I know the thread title doesn't include Lindens but big thanks to all parties involved. So to that end; ❀️ πŸŽ… 🀢 πŸŽ„ 🎁 😊 πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘ ❀️
  20. Nothing spectacular today, just an in-game shot of Riley and I at Campwich Lodge in Bellisseria. Started off doing the Winter Swaginator hunt and got distracted...
  21. Having fun at Madpea's The Green Mire game --- (for those who don't know it's about discovering the truth behind a possible alien abduction, hence the crazy filter). πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½
  22. Thought this was worth adding here just in case people are still finding it difficult to catch a new Linden Home. As quoted by @Patch Linden here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435708-the-new-linden-homes-update-post/?do=findComment&comment=2012589 Good luck!
  23. I don't use curtains per se, I use a shower curtain from a FP bathroom set from {XO}, I just retextured it and edited alpha to make it more transparent. Since they're FP you can modify as you like. They're 1 LI each but when you link 2 you still only use 1 LI. They're not scripted. Personally I never see the need for scripted curtains myself when I can just manually edit them open or closed and do away with the script altogether - but that's personal choice. Easy to drop scripts in if you wanted.
  24. I like this a lot. Possible? Probably not. There's a lot of names out there (or words in general) that are fine by some and offensive by others and trying to police the options would be more headache inducing than having a list of preset names that are (again, generally) semi-guaranteed not to offend, upset or belittle - an important aspect when dealing across multiple countries and cultures. As for the rest: At the risk of sounding like a yes-man I'm actually okay with the announcement. Yes to last names. Yes to Super Duper Premium Plus. Yes to fees. Why? Last names is something a lot of people have wanted a long time. Premium Plus is just another option that LL doesn't actually -need- to introduce. They could stay as they are and have people curse them for lack of initiative and stagnation. As for fees Linden Lab is a business that has to walk a fine line between profit and customer satisfaction like any business does. Don't want last names? Don't get one. Don't want Premium Plus? Don't get it. The fees may be harder to avoid but people still pay for coffee or pay TV or that expensive pair of jeans or whatever it is that gives them enjoyment in their everyday real lives, and if they don't like it they vote with their feet. Don't like what SL is doing? Find another alternative, or make it yourself if you think you can do better. When all is said and done Second Life is a luxury, not a necessity - and before I'm reminded at how many people use SL to fill a need in their lives it's been said many times before. I for one happen to be one of those people and while I am happy here to whatever degree I will continue to pay. When the day comes that I'm not or I can't afford it then I'll have to walk away. There are enough struggles in the real world to contend with. As the old adage says you can't please everyone all the time, though I applaud LL for trying. As well as for taking the time to listen to our concerns both for and against and for bothering to engage with us at all instead of lording behind a wall of administrative silence like they could and many others do. THANK YOU Linden Lab (and thanks too @Jagix Linden for taking the time to put together that picture and trying to inject some levity at the start of this thread). πŸ‘ ❀️
  25. Was time for a change. And since I couldn't decide (and didn't want to spam) black and white version here.
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