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  1. Not sure if it's possible as something's clearly happening that shouldn't be. I had a link-set returned for parcel encroachment a long while back but it was only the offending part that was returned and it did appear in my lost and found. Sounds stupid but have you tried relogging? Yes I know that's probably no more helpful than the tech support line of "turning it off and on again" but it was the first thing that came to mind. May also be a graphic glitch too; the last few days things haven't been showing up for me either so I have to relog or TP to an empty region (Waxford or the like) and TP back again. It takes a while but things sometimes slowly reappear on their own. Not always. Not even sure if clearing cache would help; the experts will probably have more solutions than I. But to answer your initial question no I haven't experienced what you are talking about as my offending objects appeared in the lost and found folder, sorry. I hope it gets fixed soon. 😔
  2. So. Addictive. 🤤 And handy for post-midnight snacks!
  3. Just saw a camper 1:22 am / 8:22 am SLT. And yes, gone. I haven't seen as many houses, no, but I guess that's subjective. What's irregular for me may be frequent for someone else. Definitely seen more campers and house boats in the last 24-48 hour period, the latter is to be expected of course.
  4. You're right. Originally I was posting such times but then others commented that doing so was boring (or made the thread boring or something to that effect) so admittedly I got lazy and started doing what I saw others do. When in Rome as they say. My logic was that people would see when I posted and correlate the times but that's taking the easy route. I literally got lazy. Typing this just saw camper: 12:43 am AEST / 7:43 am SLT. But you're right. I'll lift my game again and try to post more than just the bare minimum. Hopefully it helps someone somehow.
  5. Nope. I post because the name of the thread is: "when did you last see a Bellsserian Home available?" I see a home and I post it. While the home in question might already be gone, there's a chance that it could also be abandoned by whomever caught it, so it might essentially serve as a heads-up to those still looking. On top of that posting when I see homes reminds others who are still looking for homes or haven't seen one available for a while and are questioning whether there are still homes out there, so I think it serves its purpose. I find it strange that hijacking or derailing threads seems to be more acceptable and a more favoured means of running one's post count up, but little is said to that end unless it offends someone's sensibilities. So as much as others may not agree I'll be the odd one out I suppose actually trying to stay on topic. Those who don't like can skip past or of course mute me and I won't mind either way. Freedom of speech extends both ways after all. *shrugs*
  6. Nothing in world as I'm not logged in there yet (soon) but just been working on some home improvements! Still have the house on the market and another potential buyer due to come have a look tomorrow after lunch so I've been painting and patching and fixing kitchen cupboard doors; you know, all those things I should have done years ago but never got around to. I don't want to sound sexist but there's something very gratifying about doing home repairs by myself, especially when I've no training. My little brother is a qualified tradesman but he lives almost 3 hours away, so he probably could have done it all a lot quicker and better but then I'd have no sense of accomplishment! One more coat of paint to go so I'm on the forums while I wait for the first coat to dry. 👷‍♀️(<-- a less than accurate representation of me, except I'm covered in plaster dust and not wearing a helmet. Or high-vis vest. And my skin isn't yellow... you know what, never mind. Just enjoy the picture).
  7. OMG I need this in my life! Where is this from please? Christmas isn't that far away... sadly!
  8. What I remember most... And... And something about a computer operating system, home video game console, and of course Led Zepplin (ah, real music). 🤘 ❤️ 🎵
  9. Is aware. See the post above yours. Now confusion should be lessened should anyone else be confused again.
  10. Nothing fancy or staged today. Was trying to take Riley to visit her father in the new camper regions of Bellisseria but the lag was too great... so I sat there outside of Campwich Lodge and took a photo instead!
  11. While this is the Linden Homes thread, the title doesn't state Trains in Bellisseria Photo Thread, so there is a little room for ambiguity. 🤔 While we're on the subject does the train in Bellisseria actually run on a loop or is it more for residents to rez their engines on? Just curious as I'm at the platform as I type this. Seemed the best place to ask.
  12. RaeLeeH


    Saw this on my sail towards the new campers regions at Limevale. Thought it was my viewer so relogged... Strange landscaping choice (unless there's a waterfall or something there that isn't rezzing for me)?
  13. I wouldn't even go that far, just stop scripts then run them again when you want to change. That way you wouldn't have to rez another copy? 🤔
  14. In the context of what? What is he referring to? The campers? Other region releases for the day? Food??
  15. I just tested this and it works great. Now I'm able to use the canal for more than just a pretty view . This is such a handy and IMHO necessary script. Anyone living near the water really should have this. 👍 Now a little off topic but still relevant; anyone have suggestions for good low LI boats? I'm currently using (TMS) Cadet - Sea Boss at 5 LI. It does serve it's purpose but just in case I feel like a change. I searched MP and came up with a few motor boats from TUFF but most others seem to be heading into double digits LI. EDIT: I've probably gone a roundabout way of doing this (and I'm far from an expert when it comes to scripting so I'm sure there's an easier way to do it) but I've rezzed a model of my boat in my yard and positioned it against the fence with all the scripts and animations removed so it's basically just a prop. In the root prim of it I added an owner only rez script (so my land doesn't become cluttered with copies as I only have 9 LI left) that way when I touch the model it rezzes a driveable copy of my boat beside it. Now when I sit on it, it immediately transports me to the water's edge of the canal. Saves me having to rez a copy of the scripted version every time. (And now I feel like a bad parent. Riley doesn't have a flotation device on. Here's hoping Zooby makes one, stat! With me at the helm she'll need all the help she can get!) Also the LM in the OP didn't work for me. I just copied the script from here and it worked fine. Thanks again @Nika Talaj!
  16. Well I don't want to give up my home for a camper but I can tell you I've been sorely tempted! I went and had a look finally and the LDPW have outdone themselves! These are truly gorgeous regions! One of my good friends managed to catch one and was going to let go to find something better but I convinced him to hold onto it just in case he can't find another, so fingers crossed he does. I had my alt try to catch one too but since I wrongly expected we would get 24 hours notice for the trailers I used up attempts last night on Traditionals. That will teach me! Never mind, I'll go hassle visit others. I did see a traditional a few minutes ago but couldn't grab it of course. Funny to see Trads and Campers together on the selection page now!
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