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  1. I was hoping i could reach out here to some one who is willing to walk me through the steps in second life to texture simple objects in blender if you are willing please contact me in world at losangelesgraff thank you so much
  2. Pretty Please, most of us in ungren suffer already from users who use alternet accounts that are created specificly just to use graphics crashers and crash people who are hanging out in ungren. Many of us cant do anything about this. There is even one who uses my name "losangelesgraf" from my understanding this was done because a linden saw some one using a partical spamer with the image of a weinner. Even with the scripts disabled these users are still able to use their partical spammers. There are many of us who have made a routine of standing around in ungren and chatting with each other.
  3. ok 2 people so far. now i asume we can criss cross places also allowing this to be 2 places instead of one for each member in the ad group. and this is saving ad space on the main land.
  4. im trying to find some place's that would be intrested in tradeing a ad board with each other, in order to create some kinda traffic net work. just a prim with your ad on it group invite and land mark. (my place is a skilled game room)
  5. iv bought a skilled game nudge slot and i need some players. due to my situation i cant give out land marks. i can invite you to my group to play. i only have one slot but i have no players who might like to try their skill. if you cant im me in world at losangelesgraff or search linden$ united and add your self to group.
  6. why are my threads being deleted or moved with no notification?
  7. Looking for members to join mafia style linden collecting flash mobb. Please add me in world for info @ Losangelesgraff, or join group "Lindens United". Looking for members to help build up group. Any one interested needs to be willing to earn lindens "for the group". Also looking for females willing to do what it takes to earn for the L$U group.
  8. I would like to do a number of things here. Mainly build a skilled game to avoid commission. Where can i find skilled game builders? Also where can i find some skill game scripts free.
  9. I run a L$ collective group called lindens united. Im looking for females who are into making lindens in adult sims. You can contact me in world at Losangelesgraff.
  10. We earn lindens by doing what each member does best. Fishing, splodges, contest, hosting, djing, ect. Our small goal is to help each member make lindens (in turn to pay dues). Our big goal is to gain some land to further our venture's. we teach people to earn lindens through little work and at next to no cost. We can be considered a info hub/collective. We wil be using products to make income. and this group does understand it takes effort and cost to earn. we dont mind merchant help. We would rather depend on our own sales merchents. We would not mind endorsing. Also tari land
  11. ok, i dont mind puting in hard work. also i am trying to start off as small as possible. (so maybe sim was the wrong word) as far as the name goes ill look into changing the name. and as for a 3rd part as to what am i offering. the group is to help players who are looking to make lindens. we help them make lindens and in return they help the group reach our goals.
  12. Im new to sl some what. And started a group for people who want to earn lindens inworld. The groups name is "lindens united". Im wondering so now how can i promote this group to bring in members? The goal of the group is to earn enough lindens to fund a sim that can generate lindens, like a casino, club, gentlemans club, market place where things are also sold.
  13. O wow thanks guys i found the dead shirt and a hippy van. Now i just need to find that van for copy hehe. the dead shirt i like is tucked in. It says i can mod it. Does that mean i can untuck it? It also says copy does that mean i can copy it from some one? Here is the shirt https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Classic-Rock-Series-Grateful-Dead-T-Shirt/3007727
  14. Im looking to make my avitar kinda a hippy type guy. Im also wondering is it posible to find or make a shirt with the grateful dead steal your face logo? Also looking for pants with hippy patchs on them.
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