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  1. Hi aislin can you say HOW MUCH this roughly costs me? i Need a roughly Price .. thank you PS: how "normal" peoples creates their own Avata? r - if they try to create a realistic avatar? what Tools they use ?
  2. Hi all i Need a Profi who can create a hole Avatar by photos. it must be realistic and should realy Looks like the photos. i can pay something for the result by PayPal if the result is ok. please write me a pm and write me what u need for create this Avatar from me .. also its possible to create only my head and feace.. what ever u can do for me. please also inform me about the Price in linden or PayPal ( euro or Dollar ) if there a real firm for creating Avatars for SL , please send me link. i did not found a firm in the web .. bye & thanks Cyber Klees
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