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  1. As someone who's dealt with a lot of friends and non-friends from the past, you can still block him. You are not obligated to keep in contact with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Gurrrrrrrrl, no! You can say no to having sex with him. You're not comfortable, and you shouldn't have to. There's also mixed opinions about whether or not you should just pay him back. You know, I would just pay him back in full and block him. If you don't, he could keep coming after you, claiming you owe him money. It's just another reason for him to keep pursuing you. You would
  2. Um, yeah, so we're pretty much twinsies. Capricorn (if it matters), West Coast, Lady Bits. I also happen to be: In my twenties (not freshly twenty-three, but a healthy twenty-three). A fan of pasta; however, I've been trying to cut back on carbz. I've been running every day, and they make me feel sluggish. PASTA IS DELCIOUS THOUGH. DAT PASTA DOE. A fan of lists — believe it or not, my post to "Make Friends" also contains a list. As does this reply. Yaaaas.
  3. Hello! My name is Evee (evee.gurbux), and I'm looking for some buddies. I'm returning to Second Life, after a year-long break, and am hoping to meet new people. I'm twenty-three! From the West Coast (United States).I love writing, graphic design, and photography.I'm okay with roleplay and emoting. It's all a good time.I love games! I definitely want a Cards Against Humanity group (which, given that bit of information, implies my sense of humor).Going out on the town, up to no good = great.Staying in, just hangin' out = great.Interested in friends of all ages, genders, whatever. All good. I
  4. Wow, that is an incredible shot! Very elegant and beautiful. I'm in love with the pointe shoes, too.
  5. Hello! I'm Evee. I'm not gay, but I consider myself "gay-friendly" and very opened-minded. To be honest, it feels a bit strange saying that... I mean, I've never used that kind of discription to look for a friend. If someone is easy to get along with, has a decent sense of humor, I can see myself being friends with them! Feel free to look me up!
  6. @Saraya Starr: Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm obsessed with your home. Absolutely stunning interior.
  7. Hey Robin! And I know what you mean about "lasting friendships." Sometimes people really change, or they just poof completely. Great to hear you've put a home together! It's always nice to have your own little nest. A little about me... RL, I'm in my twenties. Frequently called a "baby" for that reason alone. I also like to dance and go to the clubs like you. I have a crazy nightlife side. ;D I really like photography and design as well. If I'm not online when you see this, feel free to add me or send a message! I'm very open to chatting and all that. Cheers!
  8. Hiya Davvek! I'm Evee... it's nice to meet you! As for SL - 2013, I've decided that flying is pretty awesome -- not just avatar flying. I want to learn how to fly my float plane or try some scuba diving. All of my SL keep raving about it, so I might as well try it out! Feel free to add me or drop a message sometime! ;D
  9. Hey girrrrl. I'm about the same age (will be 21-years-old in about two weeks), and I'm also a college student. I'm looking for someone to just bull**bleep** with, gossip, perhaps down with a girl's night in, and all that. Into writing and graphic design -- would love to chat about ideas. I've designed a few things, and it would be fun to get someone's opinion! What are your favorite memes? ;D Also:
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