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  1. i have done that and after install, when i run the viewer stops saying some file is missing an wont open it.
  2. ive have installed it on a crappy lappy whit win 7 and dint have that problem. only thing is very slow on that one.
  3. hello people. i clean up an old pc and reinstall windows 7 ultimate sp1. 64bit ive tryed to install singularity viewer 64bit in it since is the best this pc can handle an wen is trying to download the vlc media package its says connecting but nothing happens ultill it fails and ask me to try again. and keeps like this forever. i tryed to add the setup to the windows firewall and still same. i dessable the firewwall and still not downloading. ive tryed the commmand sfc/scannow and doesnt show any windows errors. soooo...what can i do?
  4. Hello People. I got back Daz studio ( after few years of been out) to make some New poses and when upload them the avatar is sinked on the floor. I web back to daz and pull the avatar up and save it and export again renamed (to not get confused ) then when upload still sinked at same height like if I dint change it!! Any suggestions?
  5. Ok now my sell limit is increased. ..now that I have some usd on TILIA and I madea Hello of a adventure to verify my ID..My limit to PROSSESS usd credit limit is 0.00usd from 0.00usd . Are they kidding me?
  6. Hello People. Im an old resident and during the restrictions from my country politicians I wasnt unable to buy lindens . But now I want to sell some and my limit for sell is 0,00usd. I read that I need to Buy some before I can sell them. And that Will increase my selling limit whit time. But how Long I must wait to increase some? I just manage to buy 1000l $ and after and hour my limit for sell is still on 0,00usd. Do I have to wait longer before submit a ticket? Thanx
  7. hola amigo, yo te puedo vender si te interesa, a 50 (cincuenta)pesos cada 1000l$(mil) lindens. contactame si te interesa tanto por aqui como iworld. saludos
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