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  1. I have tried all that, the only way i've found to get it to work, it to literally unplug the Playstation monitor from the hdmi. Leaving only the LG connected, turn on the client and login, then once logged in, reconnect the playstation monitor and move the client back onto it. It runs fine that way. But if I have the Playstation monitor connected at al, Secondlife will load to only a solid white screen and nothing more. If any fix is found to keep from having to continually disconnect the monitor, that will be much appreciated. As well thank you for the support you've offered also.
  2. So I have this problem, SL is acting as if it's running completely fine if I'm running my single LG LED display at 1920 x 1080 res through HDMI on an ati radeon 6970 card. I just bought a Sony Playstation 3d display and have it hooked in through HDMI, and my LG now hooked in through mini display to HDMI. At 1920 x 1080. If I start SL with just the LG plugged in, the game loads up just fine, then if I hook in the Playstation monitor SL works still. The moment I try and run SL at all with the Playstation mintor hooked in, SL opens as if it's running fine, but opens to a completely white screen and nothing else. I'm on the most up to date drivers, i've uninstalled, reinstalled. Deleted and re installed drivers and more. Please any help with this would be very much appreciated.
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