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  1. Marianne Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Daniel bento head, it looks very nice Yes I know I'm not doing my part for the male SL market but does it count that I buy my partner several dresses over the course of the year for the holiday? :matte-motes-wink-tongue: just kidding Maybe if we guys did buy more clothes etc we'd have more bento heads released for us already or creators would be more likely to "upgrade" older outfits to work with current bodies, Something for me to think about
  2. ChinRey I'm not doubting your wrong and thats why most creators won't update an old product but it makes no sense to me, I know if the creator of my favorite outfit from The Gentry Night Ryder were to make and updated mesh version of it and an applier version to make the old one usable with mesh I would be getting at least one of them if not both depending on how both of the new versions looked, if the new mesh version looked better then the old classic version I'd be more likely to spend the lindens to buy that one even if I'd already gotten the applierand I have several outfits from the gentry but thats just me Thank you for replying
  3. Nalates Thank You for your reply I knew going into this that I was going to have to find a "face" that was close to my current look and trying to make it look like me and you've shown me what is possible Thank You
  4. ChinRey Thank You for your reply, it's possible I'll stick with my classic body and use a mesh head and hands if I find one close to my current look Your comment "Unfortunately usually only the creator has access to the texture used and few of them are willing to spend time and effort setting up appliers for their old outfits." brings up something I guess I'll never understand, Why would a creator not want to make more money, if they can make a mesh version of a classic outfit they made and sell it to the people using mesh that like the outfit but cant use the classic one or make an applier so the owner of one of their classic outfits can keep using it with a mesh body and not find another creator to give their lindens. Something I've learned is to never stop learning so if I can add to what I already know I will
  5. Marianne Thank you again for your reply, sadly it's more the a couple of outfits I'd want to be able to use, I have 5 or 6 from The Gentry and a couple of others in his store I wouldn't mind owning. Basicly it's any outfit I have bought thats good quality, I've sent an IM to Sheen Revnik from The Gentry asking if he had mesh versions of his outfits but have not heard back yet and I'll have to look through my order history to find the creators of other outfits I want to keep and do the same. In a perfect Second Life world mesh bodies etc would come with buildt in appliers etc to make classic outfits fit or creators could work with an applier maker to make appliers for their outfits if the couldn't do it themselves The big thing that is holding me back from moving to a mesh body and a bento head, hands and feet (not sure if there are or will be bento feet) is that I still have not found one that looks like my current face etc Thanks again for your reply
  6. Marianne Thank you for your helpful responce, I already had the mesh body addicts site bookmarked :smileyhappy: I also went and picked up the demo versions of the jeans and shirt so I have clothes to try when I try a new avatar I've been google search and watching youtube videos to learn as much about mesh and bento as I canso I have some idea what I'm looking for instead of stumbling blind the blue jeans outfit is one I'd want to keep using along with my favorite the gentry Night Ryder ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Gentry-Night-Ryder/3864510 ) the large majority of clothing in my inventory came from freebie shops and is no big loss if there is no way to use it with mesh and other Items I know I don't want to lose Again Thank You For Your help
  7. Syo Thats what I'm trying to decide, to go all mesh or stay with my current avatar, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about mesh and the new bento bones to figure out all my options, like if I could use my current skin etc to keep my "face" or if I need to find a mesh or bento enabled head that is close to how I look now and try to change it. I've got favorite outfits that I wear all the time and I'm trying to figure outr what my options are there as well, will these classic body outfits work with a newer mesh body or if there will be an omega applier that will work to make classic clothes fit or if I would need to try contacting the creators of the clothes to see if they have mesh versions Thank You for your responce
  8. Alwin, I do understand that it is all mesh but what I was trying to say in my first reply to you was that to most people in second life they will see them as being different, when you can go to a store and buy a mesh body/shape etc and a bento head they will be seen as being different even though they are not
  9. Poor usage of the word avatar on my part, though I believe most people will think of them as avatars from the reading I've done trying to decide if I wanted to go mesh or bento I know that bento is more bones and attachment points in the avatar structure
  10. I think I already can guess what the answer to my question will be but here goes, Can a classic skin be used with a mesh or bento avatar to be able to use all the new bones etc bento gives etc I'm guessing no but figured I'd ask Thanks for any responces
  11. we are already using one of the existing groups we belong to for that, when I looked into starting a group it said you needed 3 members or the group would be canceled. Am I wrong about that?
  12. I belive this might be the best place to ask this question, I have a Linden home and I was wondering if there was a way to give my partner access to the parcels access menu so she can add or ban people, Is this possible or do I need to contact support for this? Thanks
  13. Is it possible to pay more tier and add on to my current linden home, I have a premium account
  14. Earlier tonight my girlfriend tried to configure a gesture to her keyboard and got the following message Unable to upload 2e4bef70-564c-176d-9417-5b1a1d770a5c due to the following reason: Error In Upload Request. Please visit http://www.firestormviewer.org/support for help fixing this problem Please Try Again Later This would cause her to stop dancing and not be able start again even though she was still on the danceball Her IE doesn't seem to like links posted in SL so she had me follow the support link. could not find anything there that seemed to help and i can't file a JIRA for her so I'm turning to the forums for help. Anyone have a any idea how to fix this? Thank You for your help
  15. I have a Logitech Force Feedback Pro 3D I would like to try to use to fly my helicopters and planes, Anyone have any luck setting up the joystick in firestorm to do this? Thanks for the help Joel
  16. Amethyst What I have is the free linden home you get with the premium account with only 117 prims lol so 12 more prims to use would be great, Who would I contact about this? Thanks Again
  17. I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with, I have other resident objects showing up in my prim usage when these objects are not even in my house When I go to Build - Pathfinding - Linksets they show up and are anywhere from 72m to 192m away I have tried returning the objects that give me that option I get the folowing message in chat "Removal of the object 'Apt Pose Stand' from the simulator is disallowed by the permissions system" when I try returning the Apt Pose Stand When I click "Teleport me to it" it will take me to other residents houses where these objects are How do I remove them from my prim usage adding them up if i could get rid of these I'd have 12 more prims I could use Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
  18. SinfulPrince After this happened to her in a sandbox I went looking in the marketplace to see what I could find and i found several that let you grope etc someone without there permission or so the discriptions seemed to say all without the use of RLV I included that when I started this thread so people knew where I was coming from etc I let her read an article on RLV and she wanted more information on it so we could decide if this was something we wanted to try or not hence this thread asking for that info and peoples opinions good or bad so we knew what we might be getting into Thanks for the reply
  19. I guess you could call this an offshoot of a thread I started about the ihud that then became more about how to handle griefers and then RLV, My girl friend had had some trouble with some griefers that managed to grope her and then animate her avatar when I tped in to help her. I tried to do some research and checked the marketplace for items etc that could let them go that to her that didn't seem to need RLV When I asked her if she had RLV enabled she asked me what that was so I shared an article I got from the creator of the eon defense hud ( W H A T I S R L V ? Author: Leona iDoll (lilfae Resident) which seemed to bring up more questions then it answered so we decided to turn to the forum to find out more about RLV before deciding to enable/use it for ourselves What is it? what are the benifits of using it besides the adult aspects and what are all of the adult uses? what are the bad/ dangerous aspects ? ( I know this isn't real so its not dangerous it can't hurt us) from what I gathered someone could trick her into accepting something that gives them access to her avatar? true or not? We are looking for any information good or bad about RLV and peoples opinions on it Thank You for your help
  20. Krystara The last she told me she was using Firestorm so its possible rlv is on by default and she may not know it, I tried the @version but she is offline and I don't know when she will be back online (she lives in New York and as far as i know is without power) Thank You for answering my questions
  21. Krystara Thanks for the answer about RLV So it might be possible that she has rlv enabled and may not realize it or forgot it was enabled etc
  22. Perrie It has happened to my friend 3 times and may be the result of using the ihud, The first time was right after we bought the ihud and she went to the cordova sandbox to try and learn how to use it and ended up being put in a cage by someone who decided it was wrong for her to be using ihud there and i'll admit and so will she that she shouldn't of been using it in a non combat sandbox The second time she and her sister went to a combat sandbox again to try and learn how to use the ihud and were attacked by at least 10 people, they deformed her sister and had her trapped when I got home from work and she tped me to her and they managed to animate her avatar in a not nice way ( I found out later they ahd also groped her) I confronted them asked them nicely to let her go and leave her alone and was promptly pushed from the sim, I tped home and tped her there as well The last time she had again gone to a combat sandbox and ened up laging it as told to her by the owner who also told her to delete everything related to the ihud or he would report her which is what made me post the 2 threads here and in roleplaying about the ihud to get opinions about it so i caould make an informed decision about it I'm not sure how much of the problems she had can be blamed on her inexperience with using the ihud but she was just trying to learn how to use it and didn't mean to cause anyone else problems
  23. Solstyse Has far has I know she does have rlv disabled, I've never seen her wearing a collar and from what I've read about it that seems to be nessary or am I wrong? I'll have to ask her I guess I guess I'm showing my age and upbringing I asked them nicely to leave my girlfriend alone and all i got was to be pushed off the sim so i telported home and teleported her to me all of which just convinced her that she needed the ihud
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