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  1. Yes please. There needs to be a easier way to report certain items that are copybotted.
  2. Thanks for the Lightening and Shadows, I disable that and put my Anti-Aliasing to 2x but now I have discovered a new problem. New problem is this: Everytime I try to edit my mesh Lola Tango's As soon as I hold the control key about to rotate them I crash with this error. http://gyazo.com/6e89ee4626398c985eb91a5a1e373c85 Can anyone help with my new problem?
  3. Okay so I bought a new laptop it had Windows 8 installed on it, I can run Firestorm fairly easy but the only problem I'm having is everything in SL doesn't look smooth, edges of everything looks all pixeled and I can't see Invisible prims either. I included a snapshot so you can see what I mean. http://gyazo.com/29a14ef5bce76c56e55981dbee8ec698 Before on my older laptops all the lines on any object or avatar was nice and smooth, now it's choppy and pixeled and stays that way even when fully loaded in. My Grahpics setting is shown below in the link. http://gyazo.com/f12729426e18154f520d391548972029 Here is also my basic information of my computer. http://gyazo.com/70b6644a8fff2495c6f99ddb09ef874e Sorry I didn't type it all out I'm just in a rush to get somewhere but needed someone to help me out in this situation. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.
  4. Your my hero!!! That first link is exactly it
  5. Alright lemme just highlight something first so anyone who is going to suggest this can't. Al Vulo!, Belleza, LAQ, Regrave and anything like those skins are NOT realistic to me. When I say realistic I mean detailed skins, those are not detailed they still have their flaws in order to be realistic. Now with saying that; I am looking for something as realistic as body co. or It Girls. If you need a photo to help see the skin I am looking for or close to it, it is posted below. http://ammoniasl.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/49.jpg Now unfortunately like most bloggers on SecondLife, the blogger doesn't want to tell who made her skin which defeats the purpose of having a blof if your not even going to give the creator credit for making such a beautiful realistic skin. If anyone can help me that would be lovely.
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