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  1. What I find disheartening, is that land tiers for private regions have gone down (in 2020) to $295 USD per month with a $100 USD set up fee, but some people are charging upwards of $1,200 USD to purchase a second hand region, stating $600 USD transfer fee and $600 USD monthly tier, which is no longer accurate. Why would I pay $1,200 USD when I can be patient, and wait for LL to reopen the private region ordering pages to purchase my new region at 1/4 the price.
  2. Hi Mordicai. Just wondering if one of these are still available? Would be interested, in trying to work something out. Thanks, Studmeister
  3. Some more info on it would be helpful, such as How much per week? Is it clear or do you have someone renting parts of it from you, ect.
  4. Hi everone. This may be a tall order, but I am looking for a Full Prim Region that is clear, so that I can put my club up on. I am on a limited income, and would be splitting the cost with someone, so I would need it to be at a reasonable price... Such as no more than $345 USD with all Renaming and Transfer Fees paid by the seller. (Me and my partners make only about $700 USD a month, and have our RL expenses to pay for out of that). If you have one that you would be willing to allow us to take over, please drop me a NC in world. studmeister Resident, and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you, DJ Studmeister
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