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  1. flacussy

    Windows 8

    how can i do it... i have a error ... some thing about grafics card
  2. todo parece estar en orden pero no puedoentrar
  3. Hola. Acabo de cambiar mi sistema operativo de windows 7 a windows 8, y al quere entrar al visor me aparece un mensaje de error a cerca de mi terjeta de gráfico. Mi tarjeta de gráficvos es nvidea no está en la lista con los que SL tiene poroblemas ha cambiado. Mi tarjeta esta actualizada...¿que pasa?
  4. So i can get my realms nex year?.......uuff!
  5. i added realms when hlloween, and the realms appear on tp of the display, but now a can see them in winter staff
  6. i picked of a lot of realms in the portal park (walloween) but now a can see this real in the portal park....where can i get it and cchang for lidens?
  7. Hola.. Quiero sustituir la cabeza de mi abatar por algua cabeza 3d que tenga en mis archivos por medio de "licuadora" con blender¿Se puede?
  8. No insistiré mas. No tendré la oportunidad de comprar lidens. Gracias.
  9. Hola. No puedo comprar lidens porque no tengo tarjeta bancaria. Tengo una cuenta paypal pero sin haber ingresado ninguna tarjeta de credito cuando la abrí. Solo podría transferir de mi cuenta paypal ( sin tarjeta bancaria). ¿Exisite alguna otra manera?
  10. i do not have any card of a bank. i have a paypal acount whit out card. i can sent a pay whit my money only
  11. i never knew this terms of service. How can i buy liden whit out card bank. I have pay pal account but i can not buy for one exhibition whit pay pal count... always is whit a card bank... can i buy in other way?
  12. HI. I have a lot of troubles to buy liden, because i cant use any card bank. The last i do is change lidens with some user ask for help in this forum. I will give to him some mony( i had in paypa)l then he send to my avatar my money in lidens, because he can not change his liden for real money. He said he sent to my avatar my money but in lidens dolar. He sent to me a e-mail telling me that i have in my avatar the money, But there are no thing in my account. He say that he will send a mesaje to SL with the ticket, pruving the gift in my avatar. He sent to me a display photo where appear the deposit to my avatar. Nothing happened. He said me that he did this prosses in other times and it did not a trouble. He will sent another masaje to SL, and nothing has happened. I send a mesaje to him where i ask him to sent to me the half of the money i gave to him at least . I do not what to think.....It was him ....it was SL. How can i buy liden dolars in other way..... or ...¿it was imposible?. I try in the sploiders way... i get a 2, 3 until 50 when is the best. I can not have an job because i do not go to SL 2 o 3 times at the month.I like work with the image,this is what i play, but i have to try ona an another time so i can buy avaters and get the whit the perms to edit in BLender". Thank you.
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