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  1. I forgot to mention that it is private islands
  2. I don't see anything at all that is not suppose to be here but the message is still scrolling every few minutes
  3. Does anyone know what this message mean? It is filling my chat window over and over: Unable to create item '01_nanoProbe 3.0.9' that has caused problems on this region [13:45] Land-Security Orb 3.5.75: Too many errors... dropping further messages until the flood stops I also had an upgrade today from Linden but this message came before the upgrade message.
  4. I know this answer is long gone but why don't they put this info on how to cancel an ad with the info on how to place one? I know I spent some time trying to find this answer. Just a suggestion
  5. I had an upgrade to the SL viewer on Tuesday [I'm pretty sure it was Tuesday] while I was logged on but I can't find anything from the event logs explaining what the upgrade was for. Was it for a new version of the SL viewer, or an update to resolve some issue? I don't see anything new or different on the viewer. Thank you!
  6. The fonts are too small for me to read without being very close to my screen. Increasing the font size on my laptop doesn't effect the viewer so I was hoping there may be another way to do this. Thank you.
  7. I posted an addition to your reply [i didn't know it was here] but could it also happen standing on one island and looking across to another? They are technically separate regions aren't they? It also doesn't go away; just moves.
  8. I have hired 2 builders to terraform and develope my land. We are using my objects from my inventory. I will drop an object that I want to use [a park bence for instance] but they tell me they can select or move the object only sporadically. They also are seeing buildings that aren't there, landscapes that were never created, ect which I can't see. I had a griefer on this property last September and am wondering if there is still problems left over from that. I have given them permission to use my items through their profiles', have put them on as residents and admin. on my land settings; so
  9. Thank you the answer; I was afraid it couldn't be done!
  10. I have someone coming in to so some landscaping for me and I want them to use items that are in my inventory. How do I send objects to the landscaper? Can I do this though IM; should I leave them [some will rez on impact] on the ground for them? What is the best way to do this to keep it organzied and sane? I have given them build rights and admin. rights.
  11. I have 37136 of mainland and 3 islands that I need help with landscaping and developing. Please, must be honest-no griefer's or vampires; just an honest person who would like to put their creativity to use. As far as design, I am not sure; I keep changing my mind and am open to any suggestions or ideas you may have. Please IM or send me a notecard and I will get back to you. Compensation applied.
  12. All 3 islands are next to each other; need development. Must sell. Price negotiable. Please contact either IM or at visonblue@yahoo.com
  13. I had a parcel of land I bought through auction; decided to put it up for sale a month later but I never set it up to be sold so how did someone come in and take me off as owner and put their own name there? They have all the land around mine so I can see why they wanted it but I was never offered a desire to purchase the land. What happened? I was approached by someone who said they were interested in purchasing it but I never heard back from them. This was in October. I noticed that this person took possession of the land on the 18th of Nov. Yes, I may have inadvertantly marked it for sale
  14. Is there any way here in the "Answers" section to be able to pin or highlight past questions to enable future reference? I find trying to find specific answers again can be quite daunting at times, especially if it is pretty old. The search engine works if you remember the phrasing that was used or there may be a number of questions to weed through looking for a specific answer. Any way to do this? This isn't terribly important; just would be handy. Thank you
  15. I forgot that I followed instructions to go through and try the beacons, and highlights and cause the land to disappear to look for something underground; didn't see anything. I apologize for doing it this way but I can't find where I comment on posts; the instructions said there should be a "comment" link but I don't see it. I just found out I am locked out. I went to try and reset the island but I can't get onto it and the place profile and the "about" says N/A. "Yes, I am sure. It was the name above his head, it was the name listed in the chat dialog; he was who
  16. I had a griefer on my island a week ago. I filed a report but heard nothing. I noticed things didn't seem to be working anymore; HUD's, animation already installed quit, but worst, yesterday I flew over my homestead and saw that it was disappering piece by piece. It is almost gone now. I found out because a friend sad that he could hear the sound of cannons going off when he tried to teleport [that doesn't work anymore either]. The griefer came in in a cowboy outfit, set off about 5 rockets; threatened me, said he was going to take my land from me; just abusive things. I'm standing there tryi
  17. I'm sorry for more than one question but these are on my of list of questions that I can't seem to find answers to. I have spent, sometimes over an hour, getting an item [anything from a pair of boots to a large building] exactly as I want it but due to a slip of a finger on a key, or accidentally clicking on something that you didn't mean too, the item goes completely wonky. I had a whole room disappear once; I had a boots' foot wrap around itself. My question is, is there an "undo" for immediate errors or a save when the item is exactly as you want it to be. If there is, where is
  18. I have tried 3 times to keep a skybox from one day to the next without it [them] disappearing. I own the island it's above; I don't go over 4,000m; I set up the skybox with a location; the coordinates are always correct; I fill out the "about the land" information, as far as I know I am filling it out correctly; they get listed in my favorites and on my toolbar which are still listed the next day but when I teleport to the location, nothing but air is left. I am rezzing pretty large building on them however; like a castle. I saw a video on why not to rez anything over 4,000 prims [w
  19. ps. Yes, I would love to see your work. How can I locate it?
  20. Everything sounds great! I am so please you are willing to do this. I understand about RL commitments and I am in no hurry. I would rather go slow and make sure I know what I really want instead of rushing through and then decide later that I wish I had done something differently. I thought I had my land setup to teleport public; I will double-check and if not, fix it. I may also just add your name to the allow list. The spelling is Shallott and the homestead is Ysmay. I am glad you are interested in the concept. I really am looking forward to also using music, nature sounds, activities l
  21. I have 2 islands but yes, I didn't realize how large items are compared to the land it is going on. I was really shocked when I saw for the first time the size of the island compared to what they charged me for set up and also for montly maintence. Anyway, if you are interested, I would be so ever grateful. I am struggling with it; just don't understand the concepts used in SL animations. What would you charge to do the 2 islands? I'm sorry it isn't a big job and the opportunity for a lot of creativity but think of it as also a humanitarian job; you are saving me from going crazy trying to d
  22. Thank you for replying. If you can read the message above yours, that is a description of what i am wanting to do. The other gentleman hasn't gotten back to me; I don't know if he is still interested in doing it. Tell me what you think about my ideas and how do-able they are. I am desperate to get help. I am getting nowhere on my own; just a lot of frustration! This isn't easy too do and my respect to anyone who can :matte-motes-grin: Sincerely, Nikilea
  23. I know you can transport people to your ground property but is that possible to your skyboxes? I can't find a setting that specifies skybox settings or does your land specs include the skyboxes? Thank you. ps. I apologize to everyone in SL for all the questions I keep asking. I can't always find answers through searches.
  24. That is very kind of you :matte-motes-grin: The project is setting up my islands [2], with the terrain I would like to have. I have spent countless hours trying to understand how SL works and how to accomplish this and I am no closer than I was two weeks ago; it's just mind boggling. I want to do a renaissance theme; Camelot style; I have named the region Shallott [misspelled] I have bought a lot of the items already that can be used including prepackaged land terrain but I don't know if they will work as when I rez them; they are just too large. I would like variety on the island; woods,
  25. I am looking for someone who knows how to develope land and is willing to work with my ideas but offer suggestions as well. Salary to be negotiated.
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