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  1. Hi George, I would love to talk to you and talk about dancing. Pleae IM.
  2. I am also looking for a dance partner. Please IM
  3. I am trying to find someone who does custom design on avatars skins. Does anyone know someone who does this or may be willing too? Thanks so much.
  4. I have bought some beautiful evening gowns but have as yet had the chance to wear them. I am too shy to go to a club all dressed up; stand and the door and have it be obvious I have no one to dance with especially if it is dancing for couples; like ballroom. I am not looking for a romantic relationship; just a new friend and someone who is also looking for a ready dance partner. I am usually online anywhere from 6am-5pm PST; SLT. I am an easy going, fun loving person and am not into drama of any kind. Hopefully this will appeal to someone out there?
  5. For you personally, I would call you Gorgeous!!!! :smileywink: Great avatar, off topic I know but I just had to comment lol!!
  6. I have spent days going through all the suggestions listed in the link; nothing has worked. I tired rebooting, relogging, reinstalling; sill nothing. it's rented land so I am just going to let the landlord know. Strange but I sure hope I don't see this problem again :{ Thanks so much for your answering. Nikilei
  7. I was in the process of waiting for the scripts to finish loading on a newly rezzed home when I had to log off unexpectedly. After relogging on, this message appeared in a Script Warning/Error box for my avatar "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region" along with "Too many errors... dropping further messages until the flood stops" Some items had dropped off the avatar and I tried replacing all items with something different, including the shape and skin. But, I still can't get hair, AO Hud's, certain clothes [some will load the alpha but not the item
  8. "Are you doing something you don't want others to know about?" I wish lol!!!!!! No, things are pretty quit around my place : - p
  9. I should have given the background to this since it all came about over a misunderstood comment; language barrier; and the conversation we had been having; she just immediately stopped replying when she misunderstood that I wasn't going to leave the land and had just paid the rent; bizarre
  10. I didn't give the background to this but basically there was a language communication error and she just stopped with out converation. I think she thought I was leaving the land but in acutality I had just paid the month's rent. She also tried getting onto the land and I had to put her name on my security orb but by the time this was done; she wasn't replying anymore in our chat. Still hasn't. Privacy issues?? No, I guess you can't expect it in SL but after what we go through in RL, it's easy to get a bit touchy about it and no, I am not doing anything anyone would be the slightest bit inter
  11. YES!!!!!! I finally found the errant file and was able to do a true clean reinstall; have the window back again and everything is back to normal!! I am glad that you encouraged me to try the reinstall one more time. I have dual hard drives and one file was still on my D [where I had Secondlife stored on an earlier version but it didn't pick up. Thanks so much, it's good to have this out of the way but, new learning for me- on the bright side : }
  12. Thanks Madelaine, I was thinking the same thing about using another viewer; hate to not be able to solve this but can only do so much. I can also do as you suggest and ask in the Forum section.
  13. Hi Karen, I don't know if you saw my edit to my question but I just added that I did all that was suggested here including a reboot but still no window. I am also wondering if there is something I accidentally checkmarked in preferences or in the "build" drop down menu. I hadn't remembered this; may no be pertinent but when the window disappeared, it was open as I was moving something but an item next to the item being moved disappeared and I never was able to recover it. I may have moved the cursor accidentally or maybe left an object profile window open or, well I just don't know. If a s
  14. Yes, I did try the making the cube, ect. but didn't get it to work. I should have mentioned that in my new question. I am going to try these suggestions now and hopefully that will fix it..
  15. I reinstalled SL but still no edit window. I right click on an object and get the correct menu but clicking on "edit" gives me the move tool but no edit window. I would have thought reinstalling the software would have fixed this problem but it didn't. Any suggestions? Thanks Ok, I did 3 clean reinstalls; rebooted my computer; made sure everything is up-to-date; still the edit window won't pop up. Is there any possibility that I accidentally clicked on a setting in preferences or somewhere on the toolbar? I even set it to allow builds on the land [I rent a homestead]. Any other s
  16. Marcov, I still can't find the window so I am just going to reinstall SL. I gave you a kudo for your suggestion though and for trying to help. I guess this hasn't happened to anyone else? Usually, questions will get several people weighing in on the solution; not this time. Thank you though for taking the time to try to help. I appreciate this very much. Sincerely, Nikilei
  17. Can someone tell me what this means? You must call llCreateCharacter before llPursue. How do I do this?
  18. I used the command in the build drop down menu to zoom to object; I think that is what I was suppose to do to zoom but, still no edit window. I also remember having an item that I was moving disappear at the same time and I was able to recover it. Should I try anything else or just reinstall SL?
  19. How do I zoom when using a trackpad? I feel like that is what I may have done with the window. Can I zoom out without a mouse wheel?
  20. Somehow the edit window won't pop up when I right click on an object. I get the "move" tool on the object only and can use the options under the build menu but no window. Did I accidentally shut it off? I can't find an option to turn it back on. Thank you.
  21. Is there any way to add a photo to your feed if you didn't choose to do so right when it was taken? For instance, if there is a photo in your inventory that you want to post, how would you do so? Thanks so much!
  22. yes, I looked up "nano" in the marketplace and what came up were weapons for griefing so I was afraid someone was trying to rez one on my land [i have been hit before]. I did as you suggested with the orbs and the messages has stopped. Can you recommend a security system the works on llGetAgentList function? Thank you for your help
  23. I don't own a nano-probe; that is what is baffling me
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