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  1. My online store was hit again. This is the 4th time since January. I unlisted all but the cheapest items and thinking that the criminal had been caught, relisted everything a week ago. They hadn't been and I was hit again yesterday [2/10].  Would it be safer to sell in-world only where there is a record of who stops in your store and there isn't the option to buy as a gift?

    How do you protect yourself from having your accounts hacked? Is it safe to give out an http address to someone else  inworld if they ask for one? I had someone ask for this so they could find an item in my MP store-I didn't give it out as I thought it was strange request. But, I can't protect myself if I don't know how this happens in the first place. I know the obvious about not giving out passwords but is there anything else I can do? I don't want to be a victim to this in the future and I am tired of being a victim to this person who keeps stealing from me. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Da5id Weatherwax said:

    Lass, I've spent more years working in cybersecurity than Brian Krebs. He's brilliant, yes, and probably a better counter-hacker than I am but wasn't it only 2000 or 2001 when he started specializing in it after an encounter with a worm program? I think that was the time, and it was only shortly after that I started to see his name on the program of conferences I'd been attending for years. He's also a really cool guy to have had a beer with at those early-days conferences. Smart as heck and witty too.

    "back when (the internet) was Lexus/Nexus" ???  - It never was. The internet existed when that was a specialized standalone network and it joined the internet, it did not become it.

    You are quite right that companies and agencies have historically done "not enough" to protect the data they hold. There were no laws or regulations setting any standards at the start and so they did the bare minimum - or nothing at all - and everyone from Crunch to Rob Morris had a field day. We were ALL hackers back then, when the worst that was likely to happen if somebody cracked your system was they'd leave an email for the sysadmin - from himself - snarking about the security hole he's left open. I remember working through the night on efforts to contain the Morris worm when it hit the university I was working at.

    Then the crooks moved in. Companies and agencies were still not doing enough, because it wasn't seen as a priority. Even when the first standards were circulated they still had no force of law so companies saved on the bottom line by only paying lip-service to them. This was in spite of the advice of IT folks, we were still seen as "back office geeks" and not properly understood by management. It took some pretty horrible breaches before laws were written to hold companies liable for not following the standards. Even then there were all these legacy systems that were full of holes and the attackers had read the standards too and the "arms race" was in full swing.

    Of course I "mind" living in a surveillance society. But toothpaste doesn't go back into the tube pretty easily. Once the can of worms is open the only way you'll get them back in is to use a much bigger can. Fortunately for me, and for others that have been around as long as I have and knew - even before the big breaches started being disclosed - that there was no more privacy on an email than on an old-fashioned postcard, that everything you did or said on the 'net was there forever, that the interconnection of data sets would enable a panopticon for a sufficiently capable organization, we recognized that you didn;t protect yourself by trying to not put the data out there (not unless you were intending to live off-grid in an earthship somewhere in the desert) but instead by mitigating the risks of it being seen.

    Please stop lol!!!! You have an answer [way too long though] for everything!!.  Anyway, take your opinions, live your life and grant others the same respect. Have a good day!

  3. 56 minutes ago, Da5id Weatherwax said:
    58 minutes ago, Da5id Weatherwax said:



    You'll get more scam robocalls trying to social engineer you


    I forgot to add - don't pick up the phone when its a robocall. They are easy to spot. Friends and family's numbers show on the receiver. If you don't recognize the number, let the machine take it.   I do not talk to them ever but I do report phishing emails.  I just don't understand how, given your age, how you could not care about personal privacy. How can you not see where this is going, especially with the advent of AI?   This doesn't bode well for society. If Elon Musk even warns that safeguards need to be put in place now regarding AI before it is too late, that tells me a lot about the dangerous direction our technologic age is taking us.  Personal privacy is a gift that should be safeguarded not treated nonchalantly. Wow, this has gone way off topic!

  4. You can't protect yourself!  No matter how hard you try too. There have been so many security breaches from financial institutions to government agencies. Why? Because they often do not do enough to protect themselves. If you really want to get into cybersecurity, check out KrebsonSecurity.com  He is brilliant and his job is to hack the hackers.  Anyway, it's up to you if you want to leave your life wide open. Next time you go to the pharmacy and fill a prescription? The DEA has access to every prescription you have filled since the inception of PDMP; same with all your medical records.  Everything you do, say, watch, read, ect. is data mined and stored all without your consent.  If you don't mind living in a draconian society that's your choice but most people do.  I do. And guess what, I have never "fouled up" and I am not a liar. I have also been part of the net back  when it was Lexus/Nexus; long time and have seen the many changes happen to our society because safeguards for our privacy were not put in place. I called you a troll only because you were talking like one. 


    13 minutes ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    Thanks @Nikilei I didn't understand what you said!

    This is a hard way to communicate with others; we can't hear vocal inflections nor see body language.  Words can mean different things to different people but I am glad you said something so I could explain myself.  I did talk to the person who had his account hacked and he lost a lot of money. I think he is protected by PayPal and he should be reimbursed; I hope so anyway. He is a nice guy.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    If that person's account was hacked then is it their fault though? They've lost their money, you've lost your goods, the only person who wins is the hacker.

    No not at all. I feel bad for anyone who's accounts were hacked or fake Lindens used to purchase items. Did my comment sound like I was blaming the buyer? I sure didn't mean it to sound like that! [that's the trouble with these kinds of communications; misunderstandings]  I don't know who started it, no one does but it does sound like a few of us were hit.  

  7. 4 hours ago, Mollymews said:


    I think that Linden should take the initial hit in these cases. Like reimburse the account which was phished. 


    This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was due to LL own servers!  But, they didn't reimburse anyone for their  losses even though it was LL fault! "It's in the TOS" they told me when I tried to get a reimbursed for their mistake. LL never loses money, their customers always pay the losses.  Not too user friendly. 

  8. The second time this has happened. LL has taken, $ 35.00 out of my account and I am out the no-copy merchandise. I know who bought it so I sent an IM asking for the return of the items. Giving the person who "gifted" them the opportunity to make it right.  They have been here for 13 yrs. It's hard to believe that someone with that length of time would deliberately use fake Lindens. He could also be a victim [unless many sellers were victimized here], I don't know.

  9. On 1/24/2020 at 3:38 AM, Da5id Weatherwax said:

    Anyone can foul up. If you're going to not do business with somebody because of that level of risk I presume you have no bank account, no home, no vehicle and are not registered to vote. And why you have any online identity at all is a mystery....

    You don't "do business" with TransUnion, they do your business. "Anyone can foul up"? You are making excuses for companies who do don't what is necessary to protect your information? Well you deserve to have your identity stolen then! My point was is your data isn't safe if it is online.  By the way, using a real photo, you have lent yourself to facial recognition software without you even giving consent.  Don't ask me what I am doing here,. ask yourself that troll!

    7 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

    Yeah, I like the idea of off of Marketplace.  Marketplace is not user-created.  It is owned by LL.  

    What do you think LL would say?


    They probably wouldn't like losing the money they make off of each and every item that is sold through the MP.  Must be quite lucrative for them.

  11. I don't have any real solutions to offer; just some observations.  The gacha machines became tighter about a year or so ago. That meant receiving a lot more commons before receiving the rare [which is usually what is wanted] and now those extra commons are flooding the MP.  There also seem to be many new creators getting involved along with those that have been around for a long time. That has also played a role.

    Maybe asking the creators to loosen up their machines a bit to what they used to be would help every player keep their extra items to a manageable level and the creator will still make a profit.  Maybe we won't see 18 pages of the same item with prices starting at 20 lindens.

    As far as events go, it seems that the creators who have been around for a long time have left most events and sell their own items at their own event or store. I don't know why but they must have left for a reason.

    Personally, I wish there were trade in [or something] on most items. If I see, for example, a living room set I like but I already own 2 sets. I won't buy a new one because I can't resell or trade in the old ones I already have and I don't need 3 living room sets. That doesn't help support the new creators which I would like to do.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Teagan Tobias said:

    I find this kind of strange, facebook does not like avatars.

    So what kind of info is being collected?  Can facebook get our real names from LL?  And if not why bother.

    But for me that would not help, I don’t have a facebook account, so then what good is it?

    It is not out of the realm of possibility that they receive RL info, I don't know    It doesn't really matter but, yet again it does. I guess it just depends on how much privacy we feel we should have and how much privacy is actually taken from us.  Where does the line ever get drawn? If you keep allowing invasive companies like Facebook to have your data; if there is no pushback, there will be no checks put in place.  Speaking of place, this isn't it to get into privacy and politics but a good example for RL is my husband and I  get really tired of junk mail, spam and robocalls and I know that they are generated off of the information that has been sold by numerous data collectors.

    I also wondered what possibly could Facebook use with the information that I bought a medieval castle or a Formula 1 race car for instance.  Sell that info to who?  Who would want it? So, I also don't know what kind of info they are collecting but, they are collecting it otherwise there would not be a connection to their site.

    I just promised to post the screenshot of the MP and Facebook. Everyone do what they will with it. It is an individual decision.

    ps. I don't have a Facebook account

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  13. On 1/27/2019 at 10:58 AM, Tenly said:

    Sorry. we were not, originally, addressing the marketplace. Some other folks have gotten a bit off the original topic in large part due to a particular troll who keeps applying things other than to the topic. And so if you do not see the original post I can defo see why you thought the subject was other than what was intended. The original post states that in order to comment in the SL website, say for "destinations" or in my example, when you love the premium gift, you must be logged into facebook in order to post. 



    I apologize to everyone for my post. I thought the topic was just LL and Facebook. I did not mean to cause any disruptions.

  14. I noticed the comments about Facebook and I was wondering if anyone knows why, when you log on or purchase something from the MP, you are connected to Facebook? I noticed it while I was waiting for my very slow internet to go through all the phases it goes through to connect to the MP.  I was reading these connection steps out of curiosity and  "connecting to facebook.com" appeared. I don't have a facebook account and never have.  What is the purpose of this?

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  15. I asked this question a few days ago and I am still having the same problem; photos not posting to my profile feed. I tried different sizes; tried positng only one and not several at a time but still they will not post; they just process, and process, and proces - ad nauseam.  Is there a bug somewhere; is anyone else having this problem; am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks so much

  16. I sent two photos to be posted on my profile feed but they have been showing "procession" and are not uploading. Anything I can do to give them a bit of a push to my feed?


    ps. I don't want to delete them like the question below me; want to keep them if possible

  17. Hi Lady Mako,

    I would be more than happy to help you get started with your AV. I know some nice places to shop and would love to take you if you are interested. Just IM if you would want; I am usually online SL time and sometimes after midnight [PST].  I think it would be a lot of fun:smileyhappy:

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