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  1. Hi, I'd be interested. Please contact me inworld.
  2. Name: Hyeena James Occupation: Professional Badass Strengths: Yes Weaknesses: No (except for a couple, like punctuality and redheads) Reason for applying: Salary offered I look forward to hearing back from you.
  3. In response to the roleplay aspect, I'd like to give my two cents. I'm white IRL, and generally play a white character (I've been Rping here for the better part of 3 years). However, I do have a black character, and when I play him I have trouble finding people who don't expect the stereotypical ghetto black man. Is it true that I incorporate a few stereotypes in my character? Yes. He's a basketball player, but the reason he's black isn't because of that, it was simply one of the tallest avatars I could find. However, I get requests to do intensely explicit scenes on that account I never g
  4. Are you sure that the reason women don't want to date you is because you're a misogynistic **bleep**? I think that may be your issue.
  5. LOVE these sims- can't wait for them to open!
  6. Insanely intrigued. Can you contact me inworld so I can learn a little more?
  7. FOr Urban themes, check out Dead End, Hathian, or Crael City. All are chock full of GREAT RPers and people that can help you get started.
  8. I was gonna be like ME!!!! but then I realized I already knew who posted this, so it would be weird to suddenly be siblings :matte-motes-sarcasm:
  9. Could I possibly get a notecard or something with more info on the specific factions available to head?
  10. The political part piqued my interest. I play in my "perfect RP sim" at the moment, Dead End, an off shoot of Crack Den (made by the same people). I would love to see a more vibrant Political scene, with such things as elections and stuff. Do you mind expounding on that?
  11. Similar to Crack Den (as it has the same maker/owner) is Dead End, where I RP. There are a lot of different areas, from rural to suburban, and I know a few players who, although there are child/baby restrictions like CD, have NPC children. I don't know if that floats your boat, but I hope it helps. Very fun city.
  12. Wow! Looks awesome! What kind of openings are available? I'd want to hop right in if I knew I could do something of significance.
  13. I'd recommend Dead End, which is a RP community with different sections: It has both a city and rural setting, although all the action takes place in the city, it seems. Feel free to message me and I can help you get started. It is hard to make IC friends at first, and you can feel alienated.
  14. I have been RPing in Dead End, a modern day sim which treads the normal boundaries: city out of control, police ineffective, etc. I am considering finding a change of pace, and medieval looks my style. However, not sure what the difference is between Gorean and Medieval. Is there one? What kind of characters are there in Gorean RP? Any tips, explanations, etc. would be much appreciated :) Also, side question, are their any prehistoric RP sims?
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