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  1. I wrote a letter to the CS once and it never atteded to my request. I was so disappointed with them where I have to find out myself the solution to my problem.
  2. Some times as we thought what was happening virtualy remains there. But the truth is, politics in virtual is and almost the same as the real.
  3. They set high price because there's already a building standing. If they sellt he land including the buildiing as package then that's a good deal.
  4. I don't know maybe Doctor is a spammer before.
  5. Yes, I think you can even put your link to your website on it.
  6. Yes I encountered the same problem. An advise said to reinstall it but it doesn't change anything.
  7. I could hardly pinpoint your thoughts here.
  8. I never noticed anything but an upside down girl. I just can't understand it.
  9. My sims haven't tried renting. They have their own houses.
  10. I think you can only put up homes and additional lands if you have big money vailable already.
  11. There are tutorials that also teaches you step by step on how to change the setting of your avatar.
  12. You mau have added it accidentaly. Why not try to look back at the logged history and see when that was added.
  13. I think you just have to restart your PC I think everything will go back to it's normal function once it isrestarted.
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