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  1. Hi there, My name is Amberly Bashir and I've been djing for nearly 2 years on and off. I've been on SL for almost 10 years. I love music and love educating with it by playing the less known stuff (aka indy). I have my own stream, able to voice on MIC, and able to take requests. I do NOT play rap or polka or anything I deem 'gross.' You may contact me inworld. I work in RL during the day so I may not get back to you til after 6 pm slt. Kinds of music I play: Halestorm, ADCD, country, blues, jazz, indy, alternative (just to name a few! I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. I have been posting events for a while with no problem except some people can't see them even tho they know I posted them. Recently I am unable to even open the event I posted to read it like anyone else can. Even when I try to open it in a different tab, I get a blank page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I've been djing in SL for a couple years. I have my own stream and prefer working nights after 6 pm slt. I do not work for escorts clubs or bdsm places so if you're one of these, please do not contact me. I play mostly rock and take requests. I'm opened to playing other genres and I am able to talk on air. If you would like to know more please contact me in world. Amberly Bashir (you need the space in order to find me and I am not a 'Resident' as I am too old :) Thanks in advance!
  4. I guess I should have been clearer. Yes I know you can't see in my inventory. I've been on SL for 8 years. What I meant was if you recognize one of the dresses from something you own, you could possibly tell me the designer or dress name so I could find it in my own inventory.
  5. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right forum/category but here we go. I took a picture for my profile years ago. I'd like to find the dress in my inventory but cannot remember the name of the dresses in the photo. If anyone could help, you can IM Amberly Bashir Dresses are below in the picture.  Thanks so much!
  6. Do you enjoy music and playing all types of music? Club 24 let's DJs choose their music! No voice required when you work! Only things we require is you need to have your own stream and be willing to work 2 hour shifts, at least twice a week. This is a tips only position and you receive 100% All interested persons please contact Amberly Bashir in world. Thanks for reading! Amberly General Manager
  7. Do you enjoy chatting and meeting new people? Are you new to SL and not really sure what to do or where to start? I got the answer for you! Getting a job in SL is a wonderful way to learn all about SL and meet new people! At CLUB 24 we're looking for people who love to talk and make new friends! We're looking for hosts. These are people who work along side a DJ and help keep VIPs entertained along with the music being played. No experience necessary! We'll help you and train you on the ins and outs of the job. All you have to do is be opened and honset and be able to take 30 mins of training! It's that simple! This is a tips only position and you receive 100% Anyone interested please contact Amberly Bashir in world. Thanks for reading! Amberly General Manager
  8. Look no further! Club 24 is hiring! We are looking for fun, energetic, reliable DJs and hosts! DJs must have own stream. We do not require our DJs to voice while working. If you do not have DJ cards, we can make them for you and give you copies (free of charge. Why anyone would charge you for this is beyond me!). Hosts need not have experience and you can be new to SL! No 30 days here! We are willing to train you and help you learn how to do the notices and invite people to groups, etc. All positions are 100% tips! We have several opened spots just waiting for you! All interested parties please IM or drop a notecard to Amberly Bashir, general manager!
  9. Are you looking for a way to make lindens without having to use your RL money? Look no further! A job in SL is exactly what you need! Come to Club 24 and host! What is a host you ask? A host is someone who greets everyone when they enter the club, s/he keeps the conversation going with quips, blurbs, and funny anecdotes. You can use facebook and tell VIPS about what your crazy Aunt Dawn said today or what funny post your sister sent. Use trivia to entertain our patrons, look up funny sayings, quotes from famous people, the options are endless! Hosts make 100% in tips and must be able to work a complete shift (2 hours). We have several opened shifts just waiting for you! Come join our family and feel apart of something good! Intereted and want to learn more about working at Club 24? IM Amberly Bashir, general manager today!
  10. Club 24 is looking for 2 respectful, fun-loving, energetic, go getters! As assistant manager you will be expected to fill in for hosts (and DJs if you can DJ) when a fill in is not available. Experience in management is preferred. This is a paid position plus 100% tips you make as host/dj fill in. Being able to talk in both staff and vip chat is a must. We ask that you add hosts, djs, other managers, and owners to your friends list. This makes it easier to see who is online and quicker to im someone than having to open up the group info and find their name. You are also expected to manage the club and staff during sets when general manager is not available or not online. This means you will have to interact in chat and local and be apart of the conversation and what is going on in the club and intervene if an argument ensues between patrons. Any interested persons, please send a note card with your full SL name, the date you sent the NC, any qualifications you feel would help you, and no more than 3 job references including club name or name of business and your direct supervisor. Send Notecard to general manager Amberly Bashir Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm the general manager of a club and we're looking for djs and hosts. We have several shifts opened and will give you the link to online calendar so you can see what's opened. Both positions are tips only and you receive 100% tips. DJS: You need to have your own stream. Talking on mic is not required but we encourage you to talk in local and engage in conversation with our vips. If you do not have DJ cards, that's ok. We can make them for you and give you copies. HOSTS: No experience required but we ask you set aside time to be trained and go over expectations and requirements for your position. We hire both male and female but refer to both as "host." Some expectations include but are not limited to sending notices to VIP group announcing the set; inviting new VIPs to club group; operating a contest board. Interested parties please IM Amberly Bashir Thanks so much!
  12. Hi there! Club looking for hosts. We are closed Mondays and Fridays and have multiple shifts available through out the week. First shift starts at noon SLT, last shift ends at 6 pm SLT. This is a tips only position with 100% going to host. Hosts' duties include but are not limited to writing and sending notices, inviting people to vip group, and operating a contest/event board, You do not need to have experience, but we ask that you set time aside so you can be trained and that if you are able to voice, it makes training go a lot easier, faster, and smoother. Interested parties please contact Amberly Bashir, General Manager. Thank you! Amberly
  13. Club looking for DJs. Must have own stream. We use Dj cards but if you do not have them, we can make them for you and give you a copy. We are opened Tuesday through Saturday with shifts starting as early as 12 noon slt and ending at 6 pm slt. For more info and to see the club, please IM Amberly Bashir, General Manager. Thank you so much!
  14. I am looking for hosts for an electic-based club. Mashups, pop, rock, and top 40 are some of the music we play. No experience needed. We will train you to do all the things you need to know to be a fun-loving host! Energetic and willing to learn a must! New to SL? We aren't! We will help you learn a skill to get you all those lindens you want! Interested parties please IM Amberly Bashir, General Manager.
  15. I am looking for DJS for an electic genre-based club. Mashups, pop, and rock are just a few of the types of music we play! DJS should have their own stream. This is a tip only position. We have hosts but if you have your own, that's great too! All interested parties please IM Amberly Bashir, General Manager
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