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  1. Elevate higher at our GRAND OPENING PARTY, this Thursday at Ito Tokai! Free products, dope music, BBQ, and chill conversation- this is going to be a kickback for the books. Mark your calendars- we can't wait to light one with you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ito%20Tokai/225/115/23 For more info, find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpliftMedicinal/
  2. I wonder if you could book the Fairgrounds for a few days like maybe midweek when there's not a lot going on and figure out a way to do something like this there as well? Might be tough to get all the people added to the fairgrounds rez group though. Hmm. I really liked participating in the one on your land. Its such a lovely community building idea.
  3. Another success, Tessa! SL was being a grinch and I got stuck under your carousel briefly. LOL. I had a great time checking the place out and got to sit on Santa's lap, which is always a good time!
  4. Quiet mainland region parcel for sale. Low Lag. Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gwarl/53/235/80 Contact Mirah Vieria in-world to discuss.
  5. 3:00 PM SLT ~ Traffic Light Party @ [G L O W]! Hosted by Madame Drammond and DJ Sere Duration: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM SLT. Are you Single and Looking? Looking to make new friends, or taken and want to hook up a friend? We welcome you to find that special someone, that best friend or more with our Traffic Light Party! Have fun, and party whilst finding your date! Dress Code: 🚦 Green if you are single and looking. 🚦 Amber if you are single but just looking to make friends. 🚦 Red if you are taken and just wish to make friends. Genre: Pop, Rock, R&B. ht
  6. 3:00 PM SLT ~ Pool Party @ G L O W! Hosted by Mirah and DJ Kichiou Duration: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM SLT. Are you all jingled out? Snowblind? Come hang out poolside at GLOW! We'll be out here cranking the music and taking in a little virtual sunshine to battle our winter blues. Come in swimwear or whatever you feel like wearing! The water is warm, but there’s plenty of space to chill & dance on the patio if you’re not feeling up for a dip in the pool. Keep in mind that we are a moderate club, so please keep your bits covered :) Genre: Indie Rock, Rap, & Hip Hop
  7. I encountered a store like this recently (and perhaps we are talking about the same one) and I was surprised and curious. Of course, I respect that person's decision and admire their commitment to shutting their store each week during those hours. As I understand it (and as this is not my faith, feel free to correct me anyone), some religions have rules/commandments/traditions/etc against not only working but also earning money on the Sabbath. This would include passive income, like someone in SL purchasing from your store even when you aren't there. That is why (I'm guessing) they would
  8. Auto-unpack is not a big deal to me. Kinda handy actually. What I can't cope with is getting something and the box is 30-40 LI and I don't have enough room on my parcel. Like... why? I appreciate the effort but it's just a hassle on my part. Lovely, but a wasted effort. Extra animations and sounds, also annoying but manageable. The biggest one is things that auto-deliver but have been improperly packaged - ie. not in a folder so I get 15 items and have to round them all up. I have an organized inventory but when I'm unpacking a lot at once this can be a real pain.
  9. Yokasta, the store just opened today and it's bound to be packed for a few days. I do wish they had a take home demo but I bet if you wait a few days it'll be a lot easier. There has been a lot of anticipation for their heads. Besides the Skinnery and Mudskin, I've seen a few others doing Genus skins like Revoul, DeeTalez, and I *think* Lisa Walker just put one out but I might be wrong on that. There are definitely others, but those are ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. On the "World" bar (should be at the top of your screen somewhere depending on what viewer you're using), look for the 'destinations' option. That should pull up something that will give you a few options like "Whats Hot Now" and "Featured Events" among others.
  11. I usually hangout wherever music I enjoy is playing. I generally don't like places that are super crowded, but prefer those that have a small group of regulars. Try searching whatever type of music you like under 'places', join the groups of places you like to see when they have events on. If you're into movies theres also some good movie groups I think Feel free to IM me for more specific recs
  12. Here's a cozy little rainy spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Story of Infinite/234/16/24
  13. Hi Sushie, I'm another recent returnee. Definitely looking to make more friends. I mostly just like to look around and explore or mess with my avatar. Send me an IM or friend request if you like!
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