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  1. Miss Zenovka, sorry I didn't see this. You're right. I meant the second commercial above to be 'non-commercial.' And, by 'one page', I meant to type 'one prim'. How would I post the script package to Github? And, just for clarity, if I confused anyone above, the commercial script produces a book readable by one person for authors who want to make money by selling books inworld - if only a person buying a book can read it - more people might want to buy the books. Might I post a link to my SL Marketplace store here in the post where the script packages are offered for L$0? That's hopefully a bit better than a link to an inworld store. The Non-profit version (which produces books usable by anyone - not just the owner) is up to version 1.6 now (as of last night) - while the commercial version is 1.5. The Non-Profit version of the package had a lingering 'key-capture' bug that took so long to clear because I wasn't being careful (making sure the stored key information gets released). This bug has finally been stomped as of 1.6.
  2. Dear All: I wrote scripts for a one page book based on an old script I found in the Open Sims forums by a resident named WhiteStar Magic. The original script (the one WhiteStar wrote) was for a one-prim book you configured via a note-card. The interface (the notecard in general) was clunky to use, and though it produced a one-prim, readable book in Second Life, there was no copy-protection on it (which did not suit me at all). I have heavily modified the original script into three parts. You drop either the commercial Werk-Books script into a prim or the non-profit version, set the Werk-Books script to run, drop your Type-settings card into the same prim with the UUIDs you want for your book (front cover, back cover, the page edges, the back cover when its open, the title of your book, and each of the UUIDs of the pages - see the structure of the Type-settings notecard), place a "page" sound into the prim, drop the Print-Settings script into your prim and set it to run, and let the book ... print. When it's done, you can take the script into your inventory - wear it as a HUD and read it, or leave it out for others to read. The commercial script produces a book readable ONLY by its owner (if the author sells books in SL for example), while the commercial script can be used by anyone. The book currently has a page limit of about 400 pages. I am working on version 2.0 of the script to get around this. There is a 56 page user manual I wrote for this that goes into the components in-depth that is included in the scripts package. The package is completely free, and it is placed under a GPL 3.0-or-later license. I would post the code here, however, the Werk-Books script (commercial or non-profit) is 600 lines, the print-settings script is 400 lines, and then there is the Type-settings notecard to contend with. The script package can be found at my post office in one of two crates set against a wall across from the counter - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port Babbage/24/41/106 I have seen art shows in SL. I have seen sculpture. There are book-systems and all - but I wanted writers to be able to produce in SL as easily as other artists can ... without costly third-party equipment. All of this may sound involved, but I had another resident (with no scripting experience and who didn't want to read the manual) up and making their first book in about two minutes. May you enjoy - or not. As you will. Sincerely, Nika
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