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    Thank you both for the kind welcome and I appreciate the helpful links! It's nice to meet you.
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    Hello. My name is Faye, though feel free to call me Zor. I made this second life account quite some time ago, but I never got to look around or download the viewer. I recently found myself with too much time on my hands and I found myself back here. I took two hours to browse the site, finally download the viewer, looked at many tutorials/guides and looked around the forums a bit. I could see myself as a dedicated second life resident. One thing I really like about sites like this is the Community. I hope to find my place someday and meet many new friends. I'm an artist and was excited to read about how creative this community is and am excited to become a part of it. I have a passion for art and hope to go to an art college in the future. I look forward to getting to know you all, thanks for taking your time to read my post :D
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