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  1. Thank you again, madam Martian! You always give me a boost!
  2. I finally got a skin ready in such a way that i think it's finished: I also did the body part: I think it's the nicest one i made so far and i'm really happy with the result. I like it so much, i'm thinking about doing the whole thing to get it ready for sale on the MP.
  3. That's it for now: More next time...
  4. Was asked to make a darker child skin. First attempt comes out like this: Just a start though. Will try different mouths and need to work on the eyes and other things.
  5. Dear madam Martian, Thank you very much for your feedback! I didn't put any more work on the skin, was busy RL and also a bit demotivated, not just by the lack of response from the OP, but as well cause i was a while without internet and therefore got involved in other things. Anyway... I will probably take you up on your offer, ones i got the skin ready for sale. I'm just not sure yet if i should have a shop in-world or only on the marketplace, since i'm not playing so much anymore suddenly (comes in waves seems like). Can i contact you later on it? Big hug, Ailya...
  6. Hi Hunni, I finally got my internet fixed today, so i can continue with the skin, make it better (i still need to work a lot on the eyes and other things), test it in-world, make pictures, post them online, get your feedback, make changes, etc... But since i seem more enthousiastic about it than you are, i better await your response and - if still needed - directions on how to continue. Anyone else interested in either one of the posted results? Let me know, and i will send you the skin. Love, Ailya...
  7. Came home and i'm online suddenly! Don't know if it will last, so i quickly tried the new skin in-world and made a picture: It's just the first attempt, so i will need to adjust a few things here and there. But let me know if this is more what you had in mind, ok?
  8. Hi Hunni, Sorry for not coming online anymore, but my internet connection is down at home, so i couldn't come online at the forum or in-world. I have been working further on the skin though and it really looks so cute, but i cannot check it in-world or make a picture to post here. I started all over with another base-template and i managed to make those lolly-pop lips. I'm just dying to check it out in-world, sooo frustrating that i can't! An engineer will come to my home on Monday, so i hope my internet will be fixed then. I'm at work now and just wanted to quickly let you know why i'm not on the forum. As soon as i have internet back, i will check the new skin in-world, make a picture and post it on the forum.
  9. Hi Hunni, Next thing i will focus on, is the "doll gloss" lips which you said you like. It took me a while to study on it (lol, i was first looking at the complete wrong picture - the 5th face in the 1st picture, instead of the 5th picture itself), but i think i'm getting the idea now. I'm sure there will be a lot of failed attempt first, but at some point something nice will come out... I hope... Also, after reviewing my work so far, i think you might want a more "porcelain" face, more "angel-like"? But i'm not sure? Please feel free to comment on what i made, ok?! Otherwise i don't know where i'm going. And without your feedback, it starts to look like what i like myself, i can't help it. :smileytongue: If you feel uncomfortable to "criticize" my pictures on the forum, just drop me a notecard in-world. I don't see it as if you don't like what i make, just different people have different taste and ideas. And maybe you can add a picture (just drag it into the notecard) of how you look in SL (hair color and style for example), so i can keep that in mind when i continue. BTW: I'm actually thinking of starting all over, cause i think i fell in love already with that little girl i made. I want to start with another base-template, to get a more angel-like face, but i'm still researcing possibilities. Of course, if you like it already how it is now, that's ok too. Just let me know, ok?
  10. Ok Hunni, next attempt: No big changes since last one, just made everything a bit better. Tried to improve the eye-liner, brow position, freckles and blush and added shades (under the mouth to make it more pouty and around the eyes for example) and lights (around the mouth, nose and eyes) etc. Also the body is done now. It's not very detailed, but has the features of a child body, instead of adult. So you could wear the skin as well without the mesh body part attached. I could add some freckles to the body if you like? I'm not sure at the moment, if i'm going in the right direction and/or how to continue? Will you let me know which details you like and what you would like to see otherwise (and how)? Although the coming days i'm working and in the weekend i have guests (the kids of my brother, so that doesn't mean i can't play :smileywink:). But if you give your feedback, i will play around with it the coming days, and then hopefully post the next result after the weekend or so.
  11. Thank you very much, Lis! I'm sitting here completely flabbergasted from your warm words! For me it's also how you describe, i really love doing skins for people this way. When i started SL years ago and had no clue about how to make skins, i was always dreaming about someone creating a skin for me exactly how i want, cause i couldn't find anything like it. I don't have a business with the skins i make, cause i'm just not at all commercial and know nothing about marketing etc. But a while ago, when i just started to learn about making skins, i made a line of ebony skins for someone and decided to put them for sale on the marketplace for a small price, cause i found that there is not much variety for people who don't want to look like a 20-30 year old caucasian. But tbh that part of SL is my least favorite! Naming the skins, making a nice picture of each one, put the skin in a box and name the box the same as the skin, put the pictures on the boxes, then upload to the marketplace, make a description with each skin, place the pictures with each skin, add related items to each skin, come up with good search words, etc, etc. So i have loads of beautiful skins still laying in my inventory, without they will probably ever be touched again. Kind of sad now i think of it, but i still enjoy making new ones so much. And now, with your encouraging words, i will certainly think about putting more skins online in the future. Thank you so very much! I will many times go back to read it again, cause it just makes me feel really good! A big warm hug for you, straight from my heart!!
  12. Next try: Still no finished product, but want to show the process, so you can give comments or tips. Will you let me know again what you think of it so far?
  13. Next attempt: Less blush, more freckles and another mouth. But it's not finished yet, i'm still trying different lips etc. Just to see what it looks like so far (as it's hard to tell from the flat texture): NOTE: Since i fixed the eye-lashes, the eye-liner comes out more. I will see if i can get that more natural.
  14. Ailya Babii wrote: I wasn't able to upload the picture, but i will try it with my laptop. YEAH, it worked! Uploaded the picture with my laptop. Really hope you like it (so far)! Wish i could play SL with my laptop, then the upload problem would be solved. Anyway... I will await your feedback and adjust the skin accordingly...
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