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  1. I hear ya, 3 to 5 days to send money to Pay-Pal, come on lindens...I'm sure there's a way to do it "almost" as quick as when you take it out of our bank account
  2. If you guys would take the time to read my post instead of giving me advice you would see that all i wanted was to be able to edit my mistake out but all this dont matter now since i closed the store in marketpllace i'm no longer selling anything there Thank you all for ....whatever
  3. I guess you're right Wade and i apreciate your compassion i should have known better.... than to try to let some steam off in here thank you for your response P.S. back to the main post all i was venting about was the lack of opportunity to edit something that was wrong instead of blocking it, not about rights and TOS, i'm the kind of person who tosses the instruction booklet and tries to figure it out. Ok i used something i shouldn't have sorry but it would be nice of LL to let us edit the mistake instead of blocking it. i will no longer receive posts on this thread nor will i ever post in this forum, so dont bother bashing me over the head with whatever. thank you
  4. you obviously didn't get what i was saying "really" what YOU are saying is no one has the right to use tha word "harley davidson" i wasn't trying to get more peoples to buy my bikes... only to think about what peoples would type to find a bike and like i said --> no one can see or read that name brand in my listings <-- cause search words dont apear in your listings so in fact i'm not using that name to advertise i used it cause peoples are not machines and when they think of a "motorcycle" more than 60% if asked will say "harley Davidson" MY guess is that you own a brand name and got screwed with it that's why you're so "by the Book" about it and i'm sorry if i'm right but i still think LL goes too far
  5. ok i just received an e-mail telling me that some stuff have been removed out of my marketplace store cause of intellectual proprety i sell bikes in SL and in the search words "ONLY" i wrote harley davidson so if anyone types harley davidson it'll bring my bikes up. in any part of my advertisement text or textures on my bikes the words harley davidson can be found no one can see or read that word in my listings of over 30 bikes and the nice peoples from the LL IP Team tough right to make me redo over 30 listings for that search word.. i dont know if you have any idea of the time it takes to take 6 or 7 pictures upload them do the listing so it's apealing and try to get a few dollars out of them in a saturated market but one thing for sure the IP TEAM dosn't so i was wondering if any of you had the same awful feeling to see your entire work go down the drain because LL cant just tell you to correct your mistake instead of killing your entire store AT least let us edit the damn thing !
  6. Anyone know how to add a demo to an item in marketplace? i mean i know how to do it but it dosn't deliver so i guess i'm doing something wrong. When i go into my store and click get the demo version it switches me to home page and nothing gets delivered :(
  7. yeah it did that to me also it's all good now tho
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