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  1. Oh i agree but if they are still handing out L they might as well work on it a bit.
  2. So ive been on the grid for some time but just recently discovered Linden Realms! At first i thought it was a fantastic place to dink around and earn some linden. Soon after though i discovered many issues with in it. As of right now i have not complete all the quests due to my hud completely bugging and not letting me finish the first quest. The issues that ive came across: The Hud not attaching on spawn. This has been an issue for quite a while but i have discovered a fix for it untill LL decides to actually fix the issue at hand. When you spawn into the Linden Realm (Not the LR portal Sims) and your hud has not attached simply run over to the rock wall right of you and jump and climb up it, you will smack into the invisable prim that you originally fall into. You should then be forced TP back to the spawn point and your hud should attach after 1 or 2 tries. When i first started playing i completed the search the area quest and was supposed to come back to tyrah's workshop but when i do nothing happens, i have tried different sims and reattaching the hud. So far ive had no luck fixing that. Another issue with the hud or perhaps the orange crystal converter, for some odd reason i am no longer able to convert orange crystals into linden, if anyone has ideas on how to fix that please tell. Lol "Cheaters" The aspect of people using warp and speed huds has been a hot topic but at the same time has a very simple solution. A speed detector script on sim to manage if people are moving far faster than a normal avatar would move under and situation. if detected the avatar is sent home with a warnign message explaining what he/she has done. The scripting behind this idea is very much possible and has been done on serveral SL military sims to prevent dodge rollers. What could be done to further improve LR? Once again simple solutions usually work best! Idea 1. More advertisement, i like i said previously i had no clue about LR until a friend told me about it a week ago... idea 2. More complexity. Through out LR your biggest foe are rock monsters but you have no way of defending yourself from them! perhaps a combat system to fend yourself from these horrid creatures? Oh and hey maybe a PVP system to help win more crystals? Idea 3. Higher payouts? Maybe not much make 3-5l per pay out would be nice for all the running around one must do. This obviously should be impliemted after the speeder issue is taken care off. idea 4. Open development? We are on a game that is literally about BUILD BUILD BUILD! yet LL has made a game where people cant contribute... I vote for a way for builders to submit their work for use in Linden Realms wheather it be script improvements, models, or entire sim builds. of course after LL approval to be added.
  3. Ive had the same issue, but there is AN EASY FIX! There is an invisable prim above you when you first teleport into the realm near the workshop (Not the portal sims). Simply jump onto the rockface directly Right of you and jump up and collide into the prim it will warp you a few meters back to the spawn point but after 2 -3 times your HUD should attach. Use CTRL + ALT + T To view invisable prims from there just look up you will see what im talking about. Hope this helps.
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