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  1. how do i tell if an estate is on the same server if they are not connected
  2. You know I am totally clear on why i would ever want to leave IE & go to Firefox because when i went to the link you shared with me I am finding windows updates that would not even detect otherwise with the way I had Firefox browser setup. Anyone else with this issue i suggest you follow the link & take your time & update as suggested. Great ty, yes i was using Firestorm, I just went to Phoenix to see if that would correct the issue, I am now going to the link you sent. Special thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks for your info, I have been using Phoenix ever since it came out & now today 1/14/14 <<lol, when I log into SL, I am experiencing the same flickering, I unchecked the Basic shaders in graphics settings, it did not stop for me & no i do not like the view either. I will keep exploring for answers & post a fix if I find it.
  4. WEll if you got to preferences Move & View you will find it there Click the Firestorm tab it's the 3rd from the bottom hope this helps a lot more of us all to enjoy SL ^5
  5. Its in your program folders & not easy to get to unless you go step by step, word by word and once you get there omg you will be reading for about 30 minutes to get to the right line you have to change i stopped looking ..
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