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  1. You Brits have to call your ISP to open up websites from the states and other places? Holy Crap. I didn't know it was that bad over there. Is all porn blocked by default?
  2. Well wasn't it the FS team that collected information from Emerald. The point of my whole post was to get people talking about privacy and it worked. I wanted to read people opinions on the Snowden leaks and what they thought of their privacy being invaded. Sadly there are many that don't seem to care and I like you will never understand that. It's almost like when the government tells them to bend over they do. These are the low information voters, the politically ignorant, the GED graduates; you get my point. I find it funny that most of North Africa stood up to their oppressive regimes but us Americans just sit back sedated by the brainwashing box and brainless reality shows. I don't' blame the world for looking down on us sometimes because our education system sucks. We are falling way behind in math and science. I thank god for the ones who immigrant here to fill the positions that our people can't.
  3. Well I know who you work for. If you don't' have the IT knowledge to lock down your PC, Network, and Smartphone and yes these tools do work. You have to use tons of them in conjunction with each other but people smarter than me, you, and the NSA know they work. So when that big bad super snoop computer is created the smart ones won't be sweating it for very long. Hi NSA, How are you guys? These forums are boring. Just go out and take a cig break. I know some great restaurants in town, maybe we can put together a happy hour of sorts to give you guys a break from all the wack jobs on SL and PalTalk.
  4. You addressed nothing in my last reply to you. I don't give a sh**what weapons the DoD has. Your taking this to far. The whole thread was about privacy on the Internet and specifically Second Life. LL didn't' tell you this did they, nor did any other company.,Snowden did. Your the one who needs to wake up. Your SL game sucks btw.
  5. Lepre, Keep playing your stupid game. I'm so glad I got out of Second Life. It's your privacy a**hole. If you don't' value it I could care less. I do and so do millions of other people. I know your LIB agenda. You think people won't find a away around there special computer quantum computer? This is the government we are talking about. The one who spent millions of dollars in a span of 3 years on the Ohs*tto care website that barely works and you telling me with all the smart people out there ,some way smarter than the NSA, won't find a way to get around it Wow. I love your apathy and ignorance and that's why I quit the game.
  6. I mean dam* you can even protect your privacy , with some work of course, by jailbreaking your iPhone and using the appropriate apps from Cydia that can protect a lot. Maybe not everything but its more private then it was before. Same goes for Android phones. I do not have an Android phone but I'm sure if you Root (maybe you don't have to Root) the phone and use the appropriate apps your privacy goes up.
  7. Well Dillon, your one of the smart ones but most people are just to ignorant of apathetic to protect their privacy.
  8. Then spread out your entire life from birth to death on the Internet. That's your choice. I respect that you think people care about your Starbucks coffee enema post on facebook but most people don't give a s***. It's your naive notion that your presence on this planet is so important on a little planet in a Galaxy of millions that posting on Facebook makes you more important. People are to busy with their own lives , working, raising families, etc. to get rapped up in people's BS on Facebook. On Facebook sometimes your so called friends show their true colors behind that computer screen don't they.
  9. How is it laughable when its real? Snowden has more documents then you do. Yeah but you don't' use XMPP/Jabber without encrypting it. What would be the point of XMPP without its encryption specifications?
  10. I didn't think it meant the NSA was TP'ing around Inworld spying on us. Sorry for my naiveness. I understand the TOS but this Snowden revaltion of spying on games is new.
  11. Then if you don't have any privacy on this game with the NSA then why the heck do you play the stupid thing unless your making money off of it? I bet you have Facebook and Twitter too. Let me guess you use Skype which is about as open as it gets. Let me guess also that you use Google to search. There are many many ways to protect yourself on the Internet. Yes, it's a lot of work but people don't respect their own privacy which goes way over my head. Maybe this will help you. http://tavaana.org/sites/default/files/security_in_a_box.pdf
  12. LL cannot just simply be ordered to hand over someone's chat logs. You must not be from the U.S. So my point again is the NSA can just intercept without LL even knowing it. My second point is privacy. Do you like privacy in the shower, in your bedroom? I bet you do.
  13. I understand that. I'm not talking about handing over logs. Here NSA , here is all our members chat logs. Have fun going through them all. Wouldn't it be easier for them to target one suspicious person hence snooping in between you and LL's servers? Hence the whole XMPP discussion.
  14. Yes my exact point with the first post. I don't care if LL reads it. I care if the NSA reads it. The NSA would reside in between you and LL's servers would it not? I know a lot of the LIBS on this game love privacy invasion and they think nothing of it. But I value privacy and believe everyone should have the right to it.
  15. Ok, but my point to Dillon is encryption. HTTPS is encrypted. So a decentralized XMPP server in one form or another would encrypt local and IM chat would it not?
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