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  1. WOW.. i wrote a ticket and after 10 minutes the ghost item was deleted bei LL.. ty soooooooo much.. *makes a happy dance
  2. hello ChinRey.. i did this i guess one or two years ago and they said they can do nothing.. but maybe i should open a ticket again to LL.. i will try it.. tyyyy ChinRey
  3. Hello.. I have one item at my MP store (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/57152) which is a ghost.. it is the "Meeroo" and i want to get rid of it.. its not listed, i can not open it, i can not edit it.. when i click it in my store it takes me to the startside from MP.. so i can do nothing with it.. can you give me an advice what to do, please.. what you adviced Maya Queller in another post does not work for me, cause i can not open a listing to edit it.. hopefully you can help me.. tyyy LittleUnicorn Meredith
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